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Prince Adetunji Fabode 

Prior to the emergence of this administration, Oyo State could be described as home of anomalies in so many ways and for diverse reasons. With a cognizance at how the affairs of the people were managed, the place of a common man in the government’s agenda, I will like to take us down the memory lane a bit so as not to only remember where we’re coming from or how life indeed was terrible and a hell to even talk about but so that we can see more reasons the fresh breath we all enjoy today as a people should be duly appreciated.

APC Bolaji Paul Gbengbeleku

As it is a popular saying that history does not only take account of a good deed but that of injustice also it never forgets. It is expected of a People’s government to take pleasure in the well being of its people and see to making life better in all ramifications but that cannot be said of the past era as there  absolutely was no regard for the common interests of the people.

It is a common belief that payment of workers’ wages should not be considered by the government a favour but the constitutional right of staff who have for a statutory point or days paid their dues as so expected. But in the context of the past administration, you will not only agree with me that apart from the fact that Oyo State workers were owed their well deserved salaries and emoluments for close to a period of six months, the pensioners also nearly turned to beggars all in a bid to get what to eat. The last eight years in Oyo State could simply be summed up as the reign of an emperor.

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This is another benefit stipulated by law as a constant practice and a merit for whoever in the active service have met the basic requirements of law in terms of effectiveness and commitment to work which is expected to serve as a motivation for that individual and others in that category. The past administration did not see this as a priority until towards the end of its eight year in office that the promotion, (2012, 2014, 2016), Oyo state workers ought to have gotten long ago were released but yet without their appropriate arrears coming with it and that made it the first time in the history of Oyo State to ever witness such a delay in staff promotion.

Our education sector could only be rated with a pass mark in the last eight years as most required infrastructures were not procured. Most classrooms were not only dilapidated, some school students were often seen seated on the blocks due to not having chairs. The most unfortunate scenario was not just the  N3,000 levy the past administration imposed on these poor children in the public schools but their finding it difficult to pay WAEC the expected dues of the government to the point that they threatened to not release Oyo state  results unless the debts were paid.

The memory of the massive destruction of people’s properties of course would still be fresh in our minds as many were not only rid of their means of livelihood, they also were severely harassed while trying to at least save their goods amidst the fallen structures even as those who had Certificate of Occupancies for their houses could not get paid after being rendered homeless by the government.

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The list of infamy meted to the good people of Oyo state during the last administration is endless hence why mentioning few is enough to serve as a reminder for us as today we are celebrating our first 100 days out of the pit of hell.

The magic wand of SEYI MAKINDE-OLANIYAN led government is not only taking everyone by surprise as what could only be imagined in the past eight years are now becoming feasible on a daily basis. Not only that Oyo State workers now have their salaries paid as early as the 25th day of every month, the pensioners too now have a sigh of relief for receiving regularly their deserved emoluments.

While to many the wonder of this new administration is still a great surprise, those who are familiar with the antecedents of our Governor and his Deputy see this new day as a launch into amazing future as the duo of Engr Oluseyi Makinde and Engr Abdul-rauf Olaniyan have track records of excellence and personalities to rely on.

You will recall that the inception of this administration did not only birth a tuition free education for all our public schools, the students also are no longer required to pay a dime again as the imposition of the N3,000 levy has been abolished.

The personality of our Governor and his Deputy as an Engineer cum politician with his transparent manner of running the affairs of the people is not only an assurance of better things to come but an evidence also of a long awaited Oyo state of our choice. This can be seen in the ways he handled the appointment of his commissioners and other cabinet members who were not just drafted but mainly because of their effectiveness in their various fields.

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It is now easy to look up to the sky and smile because we are blessed to have Seyi Makinde-Olaniyan at the helm of the State affairs. Indeed, a better day is already here!