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In preparation for the coming local government election in Oyo State, APC chieftain, Akinjide Kazeem Akinola has held a strategic meeting with the chairmanship, vice-chairmanship and councilorship candidates in Ona-Ara Local Government.

Akinola while meeting with the candidates and some leaders of the party in Ibadan, he urged the candidates to not relent in their efforts to come out victorious in the coming local government Elections.

In a press statement made available by his Media Assistant, Akintunde Yusuf, Akinola said “We need to intensify our efforts as a party in order to come out victorious in the coming Elections. We have a lot of ground to cover before the election, let’s get to more work.”

Akinola Meets APC Candidates in Ona-Ara, Strategizes Ahead of LG Poll

“This is why I am making myself available for the task. I am available to offer every necessary support to our candidates and strategize together for a resounding electoral success. We can do it, and we shall put in all necessary actions.”

“Yes, I have discussed with some leaders and party stakeholders on those steps we need to take as we march towards the election month in Oyo state.”

Akinola Meets APC Candidates in Ona-Ara, Strategizes Ahead of LG Poll
“I am aware that my candidates in my local government area in the coming local government Elections have commenced their campaign. They’re printing posters and flyers as needed. They have been trying their best, and we are joining them with our own best as well. This is one of the purposes of holding this strategic meeting with them.”

Thanking the Ibadan-born and Abuja-based businessman, Akinola, the chairmanship candidate of APC in Ona-Ara Local Government, Hon. Akanni Ismail Ere on behalf of others appreciates the support offered to them and promises to utilize the support for the victory of the party in the coming LG poll.

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“I am happy. And on behalf of my other candidates here today, we say a very big thank you to Hon. Akinjide Kazeem Akinola. He has been a proud son of Ona-Ara Local Government, and he has not relented in doing things that will uplift his local government and APC.”

“We pray that Allah should reward him with good and grant his secret prayers and requests. The support will go a long way to ensure electoral success in the coming Elections.” Akanni added.