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As an apostle of revolution and a well trained counseling psychologist, it galls me whenever l see our  politicians doing the opposite of the promise made during their electioneering campaigns.This has led to many Nigerians to disengage in politics or become slacktivisits.

Perhaps, research has shown that slacktivism  is on the rise in Nigerian politics because in the past and very recently, politicians have come under fire for ignoring citizen voices. But then,it is no secret that many of our politicians have a knack for voting for their own interests instead of catering to the voice of the people.

Which is why l have come to ask as to whether those politicians who often more catered to moneyed interests than the will of the masses have brain at all ? The implication is crystal clear! If they have brains, they should use their brains to right many wrongs in this country. They should use  their brains to cook and sponsor good bills/motions that would latter have a direct transform of man in the society.

Meanwhile, the brain that some politicians hired to still the money that belongs to all ,is what stands Senator Monsurat out in the Nigerian Senate.

Therefore, it will be apposite to say that Senator Monsurat Sunmonu’ beautiful brain has made her a force to reckon with at red chamber. Little wonder she is always stand on  her feet to speak the minds of her constituents on the floor of the Senate.

To Senator Monsurat Sunmonu, any power that is used  solely for self gain is abused, the true use of power is to serve people. Her own definition of power is not the ability to dominate others but to take decisions that will impact positively on others.

For the record, Senator Monsurat Sunmonu ,an indigene of Oyo ,Oyo State, started her political career in Oyo State house of Assembly. On the 26 April 2011, Senator Sunmonu contested under  the platform of the now defunct Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) for the Oyo East and Oyo West seat in the house of Assembly. She convincingly won the election ,winning all 20 available wards in her constituency.

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Monsurat Sunmonu was then nominated to be the speaker of the House and that was how she became the first female Speaker in the history of the Oyo State of Assembly.

While serving as speaker, Senator Sunmonu demonstrated uncommon leadership skill in leading the house. For complete 4 years , she was able to earn the confidence of her fellow Honourable members as well as the cooperation and respect of the other two arms of the government.

The House of Assembly under her leadership was by far the most productive in the history of Oyo State; in total the House considered 85 Bills in its 4-years tenure with 8 Bills at 1st reading stage,16 Bills at 2nd reading stage and 61 Bills passed into law. 387 Resolutions were also passed advising the Executive arm on the direction government should go and and advancing people issues.

The forgoing credited to this beautiful and a mobile encyclopedia woman , Senator Sunmonu ,convinced many people in Oyo Central Senatorial district beyond the reasonable doubts that she would make a fine senator.Therefore, on 28 March 2015, the good people of Oyo central Senatorial district  convincingly voted  for a beautiful brain , Senator Monsurat Sunmonu to represent their interests at the red chamber.

Today, Senator Sunmonu is the chairman of the Senate committee on Foreign Affairs and is also the Deputy – Chairman of the Senate committee on State & Local Government. Like a golden fish who has no place to hide like Senator Monsurat Sunmonu ‘s beautiful brain in the upper chambers of the National Assembly. She has been very vocal on issues that concern her constituency, namely: women’s right, grazing reserves , corruption ,education ,climate change and infrastructure.

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For the history and records, l want to make reference to some amazing feats credited to Senator Monsurat in the  8th National Assembly. Sunmonu during Senate Plenary on Tuesday 15 November 2016, moved a motion on the treatment of critical condition persons and gunshot victims.

In a passionate plea on the senate floor, she argued that gunshot victims often die as hospitals demand police reports before treating them. She said if they are treated immediately and their lives are saved the police may actually be able interrogate them and gather more information about the criminals cartels.

She also added that it was not only criminals who were not being treated but that innocent people who had been the victim of crime had also died because they were not treated.

And as l speak to you , that motion moved  by this silent achiever has been passed into law. Hence, it is now our duty under The Compulsory  Treatment and Care for Victims of gunshot Act 2017 enacted on the 29th of  December , to render every possible assistance to any person with gunshot wounds and ensue that the person is taken to the nearest hospital for immediate treatment.

It also started that any person or authority including any police officer or other security agents or hospital who stands by or omits to do his bit which results in the unnecessary death of any person with bullet wounds commits an offence and shall on conviction be liable to 5 years imprisonment a fine of x50,000.00 or both.

That any person who is guilty of an offence under this Act especially ,when the offence does not lead to death of victim but led to substantial physical , mental ,emotional ,and psychological damage  ,shall be liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term of not more than 15 years and not less than 5 years without the option of fine.

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On infrastructure, Senator Monsurat copiously campaigned on the deterioration of the Ibadan-Ilorin expressway , for which a contract was awarded in 1999. The road was split into 3 phases ,lbadan -Oyo , Oyo- ogbomosho ,and Ogbomosho -llorin ,with only the ogbomosho axis uncompleted. True to her words ,on 4 August 2015 ,she co-sponsored a motion on the Senate floor along with Sen. Dino Melaye on the deplorable condition of some Nigerian roads , of which Oyo -Ogbomosho was specifically mentioned.

She reported to have met with the contractor and top government officials in an effort to ensure completion of the road. The road was included in the 2016 National Budget  with 6 Billion Naira budgeted towards resumption of work.

Senator Sunmonu therefore flagged off the resumption of work on 22 August 2016 , about one year after moving the motion on the Senate floor with Sen. kabiru Gaya (Chairman Senate Committee on Works) being quoted as saying ” Senator Monsurat Sunmonu was on the neck of the Senate and the committee to ensure the road is accommodates in the budget “. The pressure from Sunmonu caused the Executive arm to publicly commit to complete the road within the next 2 years.

What else can one say or write about this fine Senator who is fast leaving her impeccable and immeasurable imprints on the sands of Nigeria politics ,and still bent on doing more ,if God and time permit her. No doubt she would do more to represent the interest of her constituents at the red chamber.

Note: lf you have a brian  , use it ! It is all you need to change many wrongs to rights.

Com. Asimiyu Muhideen Abiodun
(Apostle of revolution)