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In a noteworthy celebration of Governor Seyi Abiodun Makinde FNSE’s 56th birthday, Amofin Beulah Adeoye, the Founder of the Beulah Olufemi Ayanfe Adeoye Foundation, joins the esteemed well-wishers in lauding the outstanding leadership, humility, and personality of His Excellency, the people’s Governor.

Recognizing Governor Makinde’s enduring impact, Amofin Beulah expresses profound admiration, stating, “Governor Seyi Makinde FNSE is more than a mentor, a father figure, and a role model to me. His astute political acumen has been a guiding force, setting a motivating template for countless individuals and the state as a whole.”

Acknowledging the multifaceted roles Governor Makinde plays, he notes, “To some, Governor Makinde is a mentor; to others, a benefactor. To the generality of the people, he is a messiah and political helmsman steering the ship of Oyo State, laying a resilient foundation for its modern development.”

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Oke-Ogun Born Financial expert further emphasizes the Governor’s deep understanding of human nature, describing him as a person of “deep foresight” whose actions and work rate have positively impacted Oyo State. “His political sagacity has put Oyo State at the forefront of effective governance. He ensures that the legacy he will leave is not just a testament but a living reality for all to witness,” he adds.

On the occasion of Governor Makinde’s 56th birthday, Amofin Beulah extends warm thoughts and prayers for his continued well-being. “As he clocks this milestone age, I wish His Excellency good health and unwavering strength in steering the affairs of Oyo State. Happy birthday, Sir,” he concludes.

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