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A state exists for the sake of good life and not for life only



Ending the fuel subsidy regime has generated a lot of missed reactions. While some view it as a good riddance, others have continued to bemoan the attendant pains of its seemingly endless spike in the prices of household commodities which it has brought in its wake.


However, the National Orientation Agency is viewing it from different prism.

As a social institution which Givens says, “cement social life through which continuity is achieved”, NOA as an agency, is using the defining moment to appeal to all and sundry that they should look beyond the current pains to focus on the aftermath peas of the regime.


Recall that, only In the first half of this year 2023, the country spent N3.35 trillion on fuel subsidies as contained in the 2023-2035 medium-term expenditure framework and fiscal strategy paper, MTEF & FSP. This was considered a reckless spending by many observers as it redounds to the benefit of only few cliques at the expense of the majority Nigerian masses.


Yes, the pains of the Subsidy removal can at first be excruciating but on the long run, it will dampen the scarlet faces and douse the pangs of the hardship experienced. For example, Oyo state governments has marshalled some palliative to attenuate the suffering of the majority by rolling out the food relief package, update its registers for social inclusion in the loan facility, small scale business enhancements, expanding intra cities routes that will be plied by its Omituntun buses at a next to no cost, boosting Agriculture etc all in its SAFER initiative.

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SAFER is an acronym for sustainable actions for economic recovery (SAfER) and it’s all going to cushion the effect of the Subsidy removal.


In the same vein, The National Orientation Agency Oyo state in its three – prong of Orientation, Sensitization, and mobilization approach aimed at communicating the long-term benefits of subsidy removal to the socio-economic development has already waded into action.


Sequel to its recent in-house training organized for its field officers across the nooks and crannies of the state, the Oyo state directorate, has sprung into action by reaching out to faith-based groups, youths and women organizations, market men and women, farmers, artisans’ groups and other stakeholders in the State bawling out to them, the benefits of the removal.


Basking on the euphoria of the positive results of the engagement, the Agency’s deputy Director of Programs, Dr. Olukemi Afolayan has expressed optimism that with the level the sensitization program is going in the local communities and urban areas alike, the populace will soon embrace the subsidy removal regime with an open arm. Dr Afolayan reiterates that aside from discouraging the cartel smuggling the petroleum products to the neighboring countries, the gains of the removal will be used for the provision of basic amenities for the people snowballing into accelerated infrastructural development among others.


Earlier today, Monday 13th of August in a radio program on Radio Nigeria, Ogo ilu FM, Oko under, Surulere local government of the state, listeners were inundated with the gains inherent in the fuel subsidy removal program and the response was salutary as majority of the people particularly the grassroots have begun to heave a sigh of relief.

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OYO state Director of NOA, Kayode Odedokun in his own response after the program said the all-encompassing media mix outreach employed by the Agency which includes, direct interface with the people grassroots and digital communications, social media messages, broadcast media, conventional media, email, landing pages etc have been really helpful as those methods of sensitization have continued to reach every doorstep. The State Director finally urges the field officers not to rest on their oars.