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The concept of an “Omoluabi” is deeply rooted in Yoruba philosophy and culture. It describes an individual who believes in community development, hard work, honesty, and respects the rights of others. Baba Adini of Okeogun exemplifies these qualities. He is not only affluent and influential but also rich in righteousness. Raji Ahmed, a prominent figure in Nigeria’s legal and political landscape, personifies these values. Hailing from Iseyin town in Oyo State, he possesses impeccable character, profound intellect, and a reputation that precedes him. His achievements speak for themselves, making him a standout personality.


Raji Ahmed is an exceptionally educated individual, globally recognized as a criminal lawyer, philanthropist, and eminent tax expert. As the founder and principal counsel of Ahmed Raji and Co. (ARC), a reputable international law firm, he has garnered extensive experience in the public sector, having served as a resident electoral commissioner in various states in Nigeria.


Appointed by the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, Raji Ahmed dedicated eight years of his life as a Resident Electoral Commissioner in five different states. His expertise and experience span diverse areas of practice, including litigation, mediation and arbitration, banking and corporate finance, maritime and admiralty, election matters, and telecommunications. With almost thirty years of experience in administrative and constitutional matters, criminal law, debt recovery, and other legal fields, Raji Ahmed has established himself as one of the leading, successful, and respected Senior Advocates of Nigeria.


Widely known in his community as Raji Oke-Esa, he is a great man who has been an instrument of change, raising countless individuals from impoverished backgrounds. Through his scholarship scheme, he has provided opportunities for thousands of underprivileged children, investing millions of Naira every year. Raji Ahmed’s generosity extends beyond education, as he has also supported numerous lawyers in their careers, showcasing his unparalleled magnanimity. While some individuals focus solely on personal gain, Ahmed is dedicated to the welfare of society as a whole.

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It is worth mentioning that Ahmed Raji (SAN) holds a Master’s degree in Law (LLM) from the prestigious King’s College, University of London, United Kingdom, and is an alumnus of the renowned Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), formerly known as the University of Ife, where he studied law and was called to the Nigerian Bar in 1988. Additionally, he obtained certification as a capital market solicitor and became a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK).


Beyond his legal accomplishments, Ahmed Raji has made significant contributions to his community. He constructed a cluster of houses within a compound for his kinsmen, complete with modern facilities such as a community health center. Commencing the renovation in mid-2020, he completed the project within a year, alongside numerous other initiatives.


Thanks to his noble deeds, Ahmed Raji has brought smiles to the faces of his kinsmen by empowering several individuals with sustainable resources, facilitating education for the less fortunate, and improving the socio-economic conditions of Oyo State through self-help projects. His commitment to progress and inclusivity led to his appointment as the President-General of the Oke Ogun Development Consultative Forum. His impact on Oyo State as a whole is unmatched.



Barrister Raji Ahmed is a distinguished legal luminary, guiding and shaping the careers of numerous lawyers, propelling them to the pinnacle of their professional journeys. His extensive profile and remarkable achievements warrant his recognition as a cherished asset to humanity.



His exceptional fame, attributed to his extraordinary accomplishments, has reached unprecedented heights within the legal community. Respected and accepted by legal practitioners across the board, he is a personification of patriotism, upholding noble and honorable values. He maintains an unblemished character, refraining from any actions that could tarnish his reputation. Known for his grace, generosity, and excellent manners, Ahmed Raji epitomizes integrity, exhibiting zero tolerance for corruption or bad governance.

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Alhaji Raji Ahmed is not one to speak without purpose. When he does speak, his words serve to redirect his compatriots towards the path of patriotism. He advocates for peace, equity, and justice. Meticulous, methodical, sensitive, sensible, and morally upright, he stands as a paragon of high social standings.


As a 61-year-old legal luminary, Ahmed possesses the character, experience, track record, needed academic qualifications suitable for nomination as a Minister or any other position of authority. The selection of  a minister should be based on the individual’s ability to contribute effectively to the development and governance of the country and  I am pleased to say, Barrister Ahmed Raji SAN is a cool-headed, calculated, and highly experienced individual in the realm of nation-building, economic and social development, jurisprudence, and more.

– Popoola Hassan hails from Kishi, the headquarters of Irepo of Oyo State.