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A chieftain of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Oyo State, Akinjide Kazeem Akinola has sympathized with the good people of Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency who are victims of the recent flood damages and those whose friends and relatives are affected.


Akinjide in his soothing message said he understands the damages the flood had caused as many properties have been lost in the process, and we thank God, there has not been any recorded or reported loss of lives.


“Understandably, there have been warnings at different levels of this avoidable incident, even though it is a natural disaster, still, it can be avoided through many ways by relevant stakeholders, and the citizens as well.”


“Why we do not need to blame anyone on the issue of nature, we can only urge relevant stakeholders at all levels to act beyond party affiliations and find a way out of this. The flood is not affecting party A and leaving party B, or party C or vice versa, it is affecting all, and why all need to arrest the situation.”


“It is high time the government at local and state level read riot act against those dumping refuse in our society streams and rivers. It is one of the ways we are having our community flooded when water fails to have easy passage, it is certain for it to find another way, hence escalating beyond.”


“At that, sufficient refuse incinerators and collectors should be made provision for by the government, especially in those areas where there are streams and rivers, and local interiors to discourage dumping on them. Market leaders should be warned to monitor their members who are found dumping at the roadside of the market, and mostly, the meridian lane of the roads. It is a bad one, and should be discouraged.”

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“I want to further appeal to the National Emergency Agency (NEMA) and the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to come to the aid of the good people of Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency whose properties were destroyed and affected. The time is hard now, the government needs to roll out palliatives to ease the stress. There is little that we individuals can do, we are trying our best, and will continue to do at our capacity.”