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The situation of Coronavirus in Kano State is becoming pathetic and calls for serious concern and, maybe is only God that can salvage it.

Coronavirus, according to report came to Kano in not up to 15days ago but is already ravaging the city in an unprecedented level, as the number keep jumping as if it was a competitive athletes that Kano State is competing for. Sad to say that, the task force committee set up to fight this virus have disappeared into thin air as they are no where to be found anymore since 6 of the members tested positive for the virus already. Who will save Kano State from the risen state of the epidemic?

Thanks to the Deputy Governor that is heading the committee, even though other members have all switched off their phones and disappeared to thin air, but the number two citizen have no where to go, he was co-elected to safeguard the life and property of Kano State and Kano people. There are a lot of cases of coronavirus already in communities of Kano, especially in Kano metropolis and the call for help by Kano people have not yielded any meaningful results but still, no response from the committee and there are suspection that, the recent wave of deaths in Kano was perceived to do with Covid-19. Before the state got the index case, it seems the virus had penetrated Kano already and in many poor communities, that is the danger there.

Many have suspected that, people came from outside with the virus when there was free movement and without knowing they had the virus mingling with people in the community ignorantly, no social distancing and a lot of people may have contracted the disease. Because of the level of illiteracy in Kano, many people don’t believe the virus exist. They are obeying the stay at home order because the govt said so but deep in their hearts, the story about the virus is a hoax.
Even with the lockdown, many communities are going about their normal activities as usual without recourse to social distancing, washing of hands or wearing of face mask. They do not go to major streets but the interiors are bubbling with activities as usual. It’s unfortunate that, people are now dying on daily basis and in large numbers too and the question is has the death got to do with Covid-19? The answer may be yes because you will hear that somebody has high fever today and tomorrow he or she is dead. This is happening within communities in Kano metropolis.

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The Kano people that are working in the cemetery has the information about the deaths and it’s alarming. They narrated that people dying everyday, numbers of deaths have been recorded, but whether they are of Covid-19 or so, nobody knows, the Kano people did not go for test. These are the type of situation we hear in Europe and America. There is confusion everywhere because they don’t know what is happening. Other communities are also recording higher figures of deaths.

Some of those who have chosen to locked themselves up in their houses, not going out, no coming in, not joining general prayer in the mosque to pray any longer are in no small measure helping themselves because others have defied government directives and are still clustering in the mosque. That is the level of illiteracy the deposed Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi of Kano is talking about, it appears people are ignorant of what is happening in respect of this deadly disease.

Many thousands might have been infected with the virus and some of other people are afraid. If what is happening in Lagos happen in Kano, then the state is doomed because Kano government has no capacity to contain it as nobody is literate enough to obey simple instructions.

The government is not helping matters in their part too, because they are not doing the right thing. From the committee, the state and local government officials, all are fighting for their pockets and not the wellbeing of the people especially the vulnerable. The level of poverty and hunger in Kano is unprecedented and there are worries that many will die of hunger even before the virus kill them.


Many people who daily beg for bread before the lockdown, now what do you expect such people to do with the lockdown and no palliative is coming their way.

North is generally a poor region, no development, no education and nobody cares about it. God forbid, if what is happening in Spain, Italy and America happen here in Kano or North generally, then the geo political zone is finished but God forbid. We all can only pray such shouldn’t happen, but let us be praying for God’s mercies and protection over us.