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A foremost APC group in Oyo State, The Progressives Mind Group that comprises of youths and members of the Party has advocated for oneness and togetherness among the All Progressive Congress party members in Oyo State.


The group, who drummed their support for Adelabu and also enjoined other members of APC to join the cause in uplifting the Party from the shadows of opposition it has been since 2019.


They said, “our great Party logo is broom which signifies oneness and togetherness but in reality of Oyo State APC, we are quite the opposite and that is sad.


We have to embrace our own, Adelabu is a strong Party man and it is time to rally round him as a recognized leader of our Party. Let us be the leader in Oyo State once again in 2027”.

They continued, “we have to get it right, we have to be firm to our goals and ignore every forms of distractions.

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