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I have been looking for the very best day to cheerfully express my inner mind in celebrating a man of great impact and support of youthful youths in Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency.


When my path crossed with the retired Captain Akinjide Kazeem Akinola during the last 2023 general election through Mr. Azeez Shuaib, Hon. Saheed Solution and Mr. Akinola Sikiru, I do not know what seems to be in stock for me by working with him in his political ambition and journey.
At first, I was relating distantly with him until I was opportuned to speak with him on the phone for more than an hour discussing different political issues, and end up landing on the issue of life, and how we can make life better through our respective little impact.


I more than fell in love with him. Not because he called me, but because of the trust he had in me for the little time we have met offline, and for the confidence he had in me, and the confidential things he had trusted in my hand during the time.
Of course, I did my own best, just like many of those who believe in his representative capacity in making sure he emerged in his contest to represent the good people of Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal constituency, but as God will have it, it is not his time, and not our time collectively.


But something made me prouder of Akinjide, he is a true believer and a patriotic Nigerian, and someone who believed that there is nothing that will happen except what God has said it will, no matter how you tried to make the process work, if it is not the time, it is not. No miracle will happen.

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Immediately after the election, we lost to the incumbent whom we had forced a lot of sweat out of him during the ‘friendly match’. Yes, it was a friendly match between the two Hon. Akins. 

While I was thinking of the electoral loss, and even finding the best way to put words together across to him. To console, definitely.
I was then scrolling through my phone and saw his update, I called him immediately after speaking with the PA, another humble and dear brother, Adenrele Azeez, he picked up and said “Trailblazer, how far now? Election has come and gone, let’s continue with life. We have a lot to discuss on your business. We must make it more expanded and profitable.


I was dumbfounded that someone that just lost an election. He did not even allow me to sympathize with him. He has put up another cap for me to be thinking of how to rebrand my media business. Many things continue to ruminate through my mind, and I started putting things together but was very cautious of putting it forward because I did understand the implications of losing an election. And I do not want to be insensitive about it. So, I keep calm and follow trends.


At a point in my relationship with the Ibadan-born businessman and politician, Akinjide, we had an engagement together. The engagement come at the time I most need it.
He still insisted that I should let him know my plan on rebranding my media business. And that is at the time when I am battling with many things as per the business website and accessibility. We spoke again. And the rebranding process began, still on it, with his continuous support.

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Akinjide is a man with a very big heart full of grace and gratefulness. He sees people as partners, not as followers. I have read through a lot about him, and I can attest to the fact that he has a great impact on many people who have crossed paths with him. And he is not relenting on it. Doing his very best in making opportunities for people around him.


While I remain grateful for his contribution to myself and many others, I am wishing him a happy birthday, a longer and impactful life on earth.


Akintunde Yusuf is my name.