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The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ibadan, Professor Kayode O. Adebowale, mni, FAS, has charged newly matriculated students of the institution to manage their newfound freedom responsibly and be disciplined enough to graduate in flying colours.


He gave the charge in an address read on his behalf by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Professor Aderonke M. Baiyeroju at the Matriculation ceremony for new students of the University.

University of Ibadan

Professor Adebowale noted that the University is a place of freedom, where nobody wakes students up in the morning to attend classes, no one checks their notes to ensure that they are up to date, there are no home lesson teachers, and nobody checks when they read or when they go to bed.


He said most of the students probably for the first time in their lives are having absolute freedom.

University of Ibadan

He admonished the new students that whatever they make out of the University and what they turn out to be in life are both functions of how they manage their freedom.


Professor Adebowale advised the students to take advantage of the enormous digital and non-digital resources of the Central Library, faculty libraries, and the functional reading rooms in the halls of residence.


He also warned that there are established rules guiding engagements in the University. He urged them to find out the rules and do their utmost to keep the rules and remain on the right side of the law.

University of Ibadan

The Vice-Chancellor urged the students to receive all rounded training from the University by making use of sporting facilities, joining registered clubs, participating actively in student unionism, and practising their religion without impinging on the rights of others.

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The Matriculation Lecture was delivered by a 2020/2021 First Class graduate of Mechanical Engineering of the University, Michael Mekuleyi, whose life journey has been marked by exceptional achievements and a passion for innovation.


Michael told the matriculating students that it was possible to unlock financial and academic success.


He advised them to be proactive by taking responsibility for their lives and choices, anticipating problems, and being prepared to solve such problems.

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Mr Mekuleyi urged the students to start their studentship with the end in mind; have a clear vision of what they wish to achieve; prioritise tasks; manage time effectively; avoid distractions; and listen to criticisms.


He also told them to synergise in order to achieve more and not to engage in Internet fraud but to use the Internet to achieve success.


A total of 3792 students were cleared for the 2022/2023 Matriculation Ceremony spread across the Faculties.


The students were led in the Matriculation Oath by the Registrar, Mr Ganiyu O. Saliu.