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The commissioner for Energy in oyo state met the towing vehicle stakeholders seek supports
Barrister Seun TNA met the stakeholders of the Towing Vehicle Association in oyo state to seek collaboration between the Ministry of Energy and their association in the Light up Oyo projects.


Issues relating to the damaging of the street light poles were discussed.


The commissioner reiterated the stance of the ministry on the mantra “if you see something say something ” particularly on the incessant damaging of the street light poles which has become a menace at night.


He highlighted the cost government is incurring as a result of damaging the poles by reckless drivers at night with no one taking responsibility. He stressed the need for the towers to inform the ministry of culprits before helping them tow the vehicles away from the scene, since they are the first responders .


He further assured them of his support and how the two bodies can synergize to prevent reoccurrence.


The chairman, Towers association in his own remarks assures the ministry of their total support in collaborating with them to ensure government properties aren’t destroyed.

Light Up Oyo State

The commissioner in his final remarks says the ministry operates an open door policy and assured them of his total support to rid the state of destroyers whom out of their act of indiscipline hinders government projects.


The towers stakeholder used the occasion to commend the ministry of energy for the good works they are doing as the lights has helped free flow of traffic at night and wants the ministry to do more particularly in the areas where the lights hasn’t be on .

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The commissioner appreciated the association for their spirit of loyalty to the state and assures them of improved and continuous work on the remaining grey areas.


Stating the fact that His excellency Governor Seyi Makinde means well for the state hence the rapid development Oyo state is experiencing under Omituntun 2.0 which as an upgrade of Omituntun 1.0 . He reiterated that the sign are there for all to see in the numbers of projects the government is working on. He seek for their prayers to government and all appointees deliver on their promises.


He thank them for honoring his invitation and wish them well