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The Essence of Ramadan

The act of fasting, therefore, also provides the fortunate, wealthy members of society to experience for a time the pain and suffering which millions of people go through everyday without food, water and other basic necessities of life. 

Fasting bridges the gap between rich and poor, sustained and impoverished, fulfilled and needy.  This experience should then inspire compassion and mercy, which is manifest by generosity of wealth and time to help those in need. 

Muslims are encouraged especially during this month to go out and feed the hungry and to spend their wealth on good causes, such as building schools, hospitals and so on, in the tradition of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ , whose generosity would increase ten-folds during Ramadan.  In the Islamic tradition, Allah promises to return all acts of goodness and generosity in this blessed month by ten-times, both in this world and in the hereafter.

Ramadan is a celebration of Allah’s guidance to humanity, through the Quran, which is a guide for doing good and a warning against evil.

Due to the blessings and rewards associated with Ramadan, Muslims are encouraged to share their food with their neighbors and to invite guests to their home to begin the fast at sunrise and for breaking of the fast at sunset.  Muslims are also encouraged to significantly increase their worship to Allah during this month, and therefore special prayers are offered in every Mosque well into the night, with most Mosques packed with worshippers.  As such, Ramadan always brings with it a strong communal atmosphere and ties between the community are strengthened greatly as a result.  Most Muslims are therefore very sad to see the month of Ramadan go and its return is highly anticipated well in advance of its arrival.

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In Sha Allah

May Allah  ﷻ accept from us our worship during this blessed month.