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As Wayne W. Dyer asserts “When you are able to shift your inner awareness to how you can serve others, and when you make this the central focus of your life, you will then be in a position to know true miracles in your progress toward prosperity”, it  aptly defines the altruistic nature  of  Oloye Bayo Adelabu who sees prosperity as a measure of what you give and not what you have.

Thus, knowing him, one will be convinced that he is not difficult to approach  and coast along with  owing to his politeness and friendly attitude. He is what some describe as ‘down-to-earth’ and not a snooty individual despite been in the classical-echelon of the society. His willingness to communicate to all goes beyond being political as he gives regard not to how stuffed-shirts one is, nor the make of one’s designer’s outfit. He treats both the low and the mighty as equal.

Like Abraham Lincoln whose road to success was longer, tortuous and less likely,  this upwardly mobile  financial  expert  is  an inspiration to many and motivating symbol to all. His foray into politics is not only borne out of a quest to make history,  which by the grace of God he has made through his professional callings but mainly to be part of history who by Jove make marked impact on the society that produce them .  Little wonder why he has ignored whatever it takes to put smile to the faces  of needy and change the silent melancholy of the bitter music of the  indigent indigenes of his and our dear Oyo State to a loud  song of praise.    He  understands how  the shoe do pinches, and does need to do any Voodoo  to ease the  painful tense.

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The Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland is among those jostling for the number one seat of power in the pace setter state and considered to be the headache of many as some observers note. Those who ache rake and will break because he is not a raging  fire that can be hidden but a smoke that must be seen and felt by all and sundry.

Given credence to his prudent credentials and achievements file records, one should then note that he is someone that:

  ➖Can further raise the bar of good and quality  governance;

➖ Can make our economic viable and attractive;

➖ Understands  how industrialisation can help our economic development and modern society positively;

➖ Can reflect the needs and wishes  of the masses;

➖Can show seriousness and good political will;

➖Can change the tune of our political system in the state as we always set the pace;

➖Understands the importance of social welfare as a panacea to achieving social peace and order;

➖Have a rich political education that reflects the reality of the society;

➖Will be turning our abundant but grossly  untapped  resources into capital for the benefit of all;

➖Can make peace a realistic one for the enjoyment of all. Peace is  a sine qua non  for  development. 

➖That will make use of human resources blessed with the state, to advance our modern democracy for the benefit of all;

➖Understands that education is the foundation of freedom, and invest in it, is to have a virile and viable human resources;

➖Will make our agricultural sector work and in turn augment our IGR, for the useful and benefit of all;

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➖Will make our civil service work for what they were established for;

➖Will make the youthful world proud of their youthfulness;

➖Will continue the transformation, sustainability and security of  the state.

➖Value life and well being of the masses and thus take proper care of our health sector;

➖Have a very rich administrative skills and versatile in managing human and material resources;

➖Will network our roads to an economic advantages of the masses irrespective of the location;

➖Will create an enabling business environment that will help reducing unemployment and underemployment in our state through agro-allied and industrial projects and policy;

➖Will be accountable and transparent as he has always been in his over two decades of top  banking experience.

Ride on and keep the flag flying,  Agbaakin Parakoyi of Ibadanland and DG CBN, Adebayo Adekola Adelabu


God Bless Oyo State.