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Following the recent research publication by nairametrics.com, and online based newspaper in Nigeria that listed many states as expensive states to live in Nigeria.


Concerns have been raised by many in that case of Oyo State with the numbers of agriculture research institutes and centers present, and the green nature of the state as it was known for in the past. The question then is what is Oyo government doing on agriculture?

The most expensive states to live in Nigeria based on October 2023 all items inflation rate



One of the many concerns raised is the question of the Oyo State Government plan on agricultural development.

Oyo State recorded the highest food inflation among all Nigerian states according to the Nigeria Bureau of Statistics. Food inflation in Oyo state stands at 37% as at the end of October compared to 24% in Bayelsa, 27% in both Lagos and Ondo. This is in spite of the large expanse of Land in Oyo and our Agric potentials compared to other Southern States.


What is the Government in Oyo state doing about Agriculture with IITA, CRIN, FRIN, IAR&T, etc all in Oyo state? This calls for concern.

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