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Akintunde Yusuf


Of course, it is heartbreaking and embarrassing. I sincerely pitied both the ‘nakedly striped man’, Mr. Kola for the wound he will be carrying in his heart for the rest of his life; I am also sympathising with Aunty Toyin as well for the shame and embarrassment she would be living with henceforth.


But wait, I am not sure we will see the end to the issue of promiscuity and infidelity acts in this our own part of the world inasmuch we are not ready to take a campaign against befriending married women in our society. Except we are ready for that, we won’t stop listening to stories that touch the hearts in that perspective.


And again, I am not too sure it can be eradicated in our respective loci.


Yesterday, I was driving through one of our loci to meet someone very early in the morning. While I was waiting for a bus to pass because both of us couldn’t drive through simultaneously. There was a young married woman doing some laundry in front of their house with wrapper and making her upper chest to head open.


And there were some other two young guys sitting in front of the next building wearing their boxers with toothbrushes in their mouth. 


The memory of many contents I have read of Aunty Toyin were still ruminating in my head. So, I intentionally pulled over and pretended making some phone call so as to be able to study what exactly the discussion between those guys and the young beautiful married woman was, I am sure she is married because there was a kid sitting next to her.



The kind of jokes they’re making is definitely out of line. Truthfully, they may definitely not have had anything illegal with the woman or vice versa at present but there is no way devil will not touched one of those guys’ or the young woman’s heart to try something out.


The above is the replica of what is happening everywhere in our society. And how do we go about that? While not judging Aunty Toyin of the unacceptable, irresponsible and devilish act of her, still, we are in for this mess for real in our society.


There are many ‘I am busy and tired alakowes’ whom their wives have sought out alternative to their busy schedules elsewhere. Mostly with their drivers, gatemen, best friends and family members, or at worst gardeners clearing their “houses’ bushes.”


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