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Rationally, if we must set a single standard for those who will hold power in Nigeria in this defining moment, it  must be a man or a woman with a bit of get-up-and-go mentality. It’s time to be frank and firm. The era of vacous rhetorics is over. That’s the fact that most people are yet to grapple with.

APC Bolaji Paul Gbengbeleku

I monitored the interview under reference with keen attention and for the first time in few years, I was happy to notice a platonic realist who will not call blue a blue black to snooker the audience into rewarding him with undeserving clap for a claptrap. Adelabu Adebayo posited his views on good governance in a way that doesn’t obstruct the reasoning of the listeners. Except one is deliberately obtuse, he advanced his arguments clearly –  providing a reason for a- “why” and in a lucid manner offered reasons for accepting any inference and it’s premise. He posited views that supported the ideals he proposed. And as a practical politician, he made us realise that it will amount to self delusion to apply a gentle treatment where harsh medicine is required. Truth is really bitter. This is what the blind critics consider a tragedy in his strategy.

As a tree with it’s root firmly on ground, he analysed the tony part of the policy system of the present administration and promise to leverage on it by spreading the net.  And on what others may view  as “shortcomings” of the administration, he periscoped it differently as a “disguised blessings” which will blossom later at the right time. That’s what is called intuitionism in ethical theories. Where some people see difficulties, he is seeing possibilities. The end of political power game is its value.
Those who major in the minor will of course close their minds to the right value judgement of Oloye Adelabu Adebayo purely to score some cheap political goals.


They can only tender Adelabu position by advancing a better option to his own approach, but they, for some inscrutable reason but obviously political incorrectness now choose a gritty tackle oblique approach of assembling specious premises to justify an hasty conclusion.  They are merely reducing a serious issue of good governance to a mere textual justice where Bayo, a pragmatist accelerator is thinking without having what the English man calls
“a fourty winks” figuring out the best possible method to move the good people of Oyo state to the NEXT LEVEL.
Time will tell.

NOTE: This is Isiaka Kehinde’s reposte to a post on Facebook criticising Oloye Bayo Adelabu’s interview on Fresh FM.