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An Ibadan-born businessman and politician, Hon. Akinjide Kazeem Akinola has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 63rd anniversary marking the existence of Nigeria.


Akinjide in a press statement to Egbeda/Ona-Ara Federal Constituency people and Nigerians call for genuine leadership and representation that will serve people, impact life, bring economic prosperity and genuine transformation of the country.


According to the APC chieftain, Akinjide, “Nigeria is a blessed country. We do not need to echo that, but there is a particular thing that is missing, and thus making the country remain where it is as opposed to where it was supposed to be many years back.”


“While we do not need to trade blame at anyone. It is important to stress that we need to all call one another and join hands to make this country a greater one.”


“Historically, the Nigeria of the 1960s at the earliest stage of our independence is one which those who witnessed it are proud to relate and reference with to the one at present. That then brings a charge that we can still make the country better than that of the independence era.”


“Thank God, we had a new Sheriff in town. And he is making proper and appropriate steps in addressing the country’s situation for a better one. We all need to genuinely support President Bola Tinubu on many programs and policies aiming to better the life of all, without forgetting ordinary common man on the streets.”


Akinjide added that, “If all politicians and public office holders can sincerely agree to make this country works, it will.”

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“So, it is time to call one another to order and do what is right for the country by providing genuine leadership and good representation for a better country.” he concluded.