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Our attention has been drawn to the post written by one faceless Kolajo with the above caption. It was an admixture of misrepresentation of facts  and concocted lies culminating into a misbegotten opinion of an obviously hired writer with the sole intent of smearing the image of the governorship candidate under the flagship of APC, Oloye Adelabu Adebayo.

In a rush to write history barely 24 hours after recording what was largely applauded as a cerebral performance on a live radio program, the hatchet men lapsed into indecent distortion of fact and degenerated into an-out and -out personal attack of Oloye Adelabu Adebayo.

From the collective to the specifics,  the antics of the writer and his paymasters that have renounced the right to right  thinking only reminds one of the ideological deficiency of desperate politicians enslaved by the race for power.

In their shallow minds, for chief Adelabu Adebayo to be  stressing the essence of continuity and how he will set out building on an existing solid structure already emplaced by the performing governor amounts to scoring low the incumbent. They fight for ideas to justify their injudicious claims forgetting that ideas only exist in the heads of individual. How else can one describes a person who calls a former deputy governor of the banker’s bank a tyro in public governance, if not, mentally sterile.

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They alluded to the submission of chief Adelabu Adebayo on the ability of the incumbent governor for laying a solid ground for sustainable peace in the state, a precursor to social progress. This feat, Chief Adelabu stressed  was accomplished in the last seven and a half years without demanding a dime from the citizens. And they blabbed ‘is it not the preoccupation of the government to secure people’s lives and properties? We should ask them the preoccupation of the successive administrations in the state before Ajimobi assumed office? Definitely, they set social order ablaze and put residents in perpetual fears. Governor Ajimobi came to restore social order and put the unrepentant troublers of our own Israel under check. People can now sleep with their two eyes closed. Yet, the lazy beast of prey that often follow the wrong trail prefer disorderliness.

Now that there is a need to build a lasting failsafe device to bring a permanent security to the state, the citizens were recently tasked to cough out a levy of 25’000 naira which Oloye Adelabu rightly described in the interview under reference as a ‘token” in comparison to the humongous cost of the project at hand and it’s attendant huge benefits. But those who misread his lips gave it a different interpretation.

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Therefore, to reset the brains of the writer crying foul over the use of the word “tokenism”, he should be tutored that whenever a nominal charge is levied on the people, which is a weeny fraction, compared to the value it offers, what better adjective can be used in that context order than “token “? The writer of that hurriedly penned piece pushed an argument smacking of in-discretionary in the extreme. No pun meant, he  lacks  knowledge of how to go about puncturing a brilliant argument for a policy position. His  presumption that 25thousand naira should not be called a “token’ is only reflective of the value he and his masters  placed on security of lives and properties, which, in all intents and purposes, should be priceless. Just like adding the word “only” after filling up a cheque of one million naira,  does the “only” put at the end render the value insignificant?

The sceptics also distributed their ignorance lavishly when they wondered how Chief  Adelabu’s plan to light up dark areas within the city from 7pm to 6am to put the night marauders at bay. They don’t believe in possibilities of attaining a height in Nigeria which even our neighbouring Ghana has put behind them for years. Chief Adelabu told them convincingly what he set out to do differently, but the nihilists got it all wrong.

On food security and maximising the effects of Governor Ajimobi led administration, Chief Adelabu gave kudos to the governor and pledged to follow it up by adding more technological driven  innovations, rehabilitate feeder roads and enhance the storage of the farm produce to prepare for the rainy days  among other measures. Is it a crime for chief Adelabu to nurse the idea of extending the legacy of Governor Ajimobi on Agriculture! Just for asking,  In what manner has chief Adelabu demeaned the governor with those unambiguous statements?

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The fellow raised a cold shoulder at the solicitous manner in which Chief Adelabu empathised with people living in the interior and thus  lampooned his plans on urban renewal. What a pity!

In  the course of the program, Chief Adelabu beamed  his searchlight  into how his government, if voted in, will identify and bridge the gap,  plan effectively and manage development reasonably in the areas of, mass housing, Agriculture, Education and primary health care, yet the naysayers misconstrued it to mean an aspersion on the present government that Chief Adelabu commended for clearing the ground for his own smooth take off throughout the interview.

Every next level of your life demands a different you. It  probably jostled the blind critics that Chief Adelabu harped on turning policy into productivity and mooted the idea of offering a free Education in both primary and post primary schools without condemning the “token” of 1,000 levy that is the current practice as he said “there is no such thing as free lunch”. Was he not stating the obvious by saying that “no society grows when people get something for nothing?”

To cap their ignorance, they thought Chief Adelabu is a soft touch who would be pushed to taking a position on impulse in his answer to a poser on what he would do to  reduce the fees of Polytechnic students in Oyo state, but a blunt and factual person that he is, Chief Adelabu  knocked them off – line by saying he would need to study the situation better before he can give a definitive response to it. Must he just say something off the cuff, even if unrealistic, to satiate the listeners to get their votes? Chief Adelabu Adebayo is a man of integrity, he doesn’t assure when he is not yet sure.

In a Preposterous, manner, the paid writer castigated Chief Adelabu for flaunting his nobility of birth. It bears repeating here, that Adelabu Adebayo came from a family of honourable reckoning is a fact that is beyond questions to those who are unaware of and not politically naive to, the exploit of his grandfather, unarguably one of the most influential politician and the Stormy petrel of his era in the history of Oyo State. It stands on common sense that anyone would begrudge a man for flaunting what he has. Who has stopped you from tracing your own history and making a political capital of it.? You implied that Hon Adegoke Adelabu was incurably against free Education, another empty claim. Records have it that Hon Adegoke Adelabu in his time made a strong case for Education for all and strongly pursued it . He wrote ” Every item in our domestic and national budget, whilst there are uneducated people about in any remote or outlandish portion of this country is a sin against the law of God”.  Can anyone rewrite history?.

As It will be difficult for the opposition elements to refrain from politics without principle, work without wealth and pursuing a degree in ‘Management By Wandering Around’ (MBWA) which have become their pastimes. How then will they pay attention to the Personal growth and administrative acumen which Chief Adelabu Adebayo is known for that actually come through years of experience in both public and private enterprise. They dissipate time and so much energy to monitor Chief Adelabu Adebayo on air, but lack the  courage to come on air to tell the good people of Oyo state what they can offer them.

Little Wonder the good people of Oyo state are eagerly waiting for Omo Penkelemesi to take them to the next level. Come 2019, by the grace of the Most Merciful God, another chapter of the next level will be opened in the history page of our dear state. No amount of blackmail will thwart the will of the people.

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We are already moving on  to the NEXT LEVEL.

Akintunde Yusuf & Tobi Adisa