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Oyo state Ag. Director of the National Orientation Agency NOA, Dr Olukemi Afolayan has enjoined the people of Oyo state and Nigerians at large to be joyous that the country has taken a quantum leap in its journey to Nationhood as it celebrates another year of independence.


In her message of hope contained in a press release, she personally signed and made available to the press in Oyo state yesterday to felicitate citizens on independence, Dr Olukemi Afolayan beseeched the people not to despair but full of hope that we, as a people, shall soon tide over our myriads challenges.


Positing views about the journey of the country from independence till date, Dr Afolayan maintained that “albeit the journey might not be on a coaster roller, but, we give glory to God that we are not marching on one spot either – we have made appreciable progress.


Dr Afolayan further said “No doubt the country is passing through a difficult time now, but with Zeal and perseverance we shall soon see lights at the end of the tunnel as every cloud has a silver lining. We just have to stand by the Government in its renewed hope of turning around the country ”


She added “The path to freedom is not paved with gold, we may not have reached the desired destination but we have solidify our nascent democracy and have identified the various cogs in the wheels of the nation’s progress, being cleared about our priorities, with our support, the government can then implement social policies that will tackle our social problems one by one like killing a sitting deck and therefore bring a boon upon the vessel of the country”

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The Ag state Director, implored everyone “to join hands together with the Governments at all levels in bringing the nation out of its proverbial woods” She charged us to be cost – effective and live without the extremes. Sooner, with the virile , responsive and law abiding Citizens, the time for all to smile is nigh ” she concluded.

Dr Afolayan wishes the executive Governor of the state, Engineer Oluwaseyi Makinde and members of his cabinet, the traditional rulers, heads of parastatals , security agents, community leaders, the clergies and everyone in the State a happy independence anniversary.