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The All Progressives Congress APC in Oyo state has claimed that Governor Seyi Makinde would attract no meaningful development to the state at the end of his expected eight years in office if he continued with an alleged voodoo approach to governance as against the purposeful, pragmatic and results-oriented leadership desired by the masses.

APC’s latest outburst may have come against the backdrop of a recent report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) which revealed that Oyo and 27 other states in Nigeria attracted no single foreign investment to their domain in the first half of the year (2023).

In a statement issued on Wednesday and made available to journalists in Ibadan by its Publicity Secretary, Olawale Sadare, Oyo APC lamented that Oyo stated had entered a reverse gear since 2019 when the present Gov. Makinde came on board “but the handlers of the PDP administration have always been thriving on propaganda, grandstanding and subterfuge. A good example is the orchestrated gas project which former governor of Rivers state, Nyesom Wike, came to inaugurate few months ago but it turned out another scam.

“Meanwhile, the revelation contained in the NBS report was just a tip of the iceberg as no credible or honest assessor would the Makinde government highly on key performance indices. Where there are no new investment, unemployment would rise astronomically but Gov. Makinde gives an impression that he has created several thousand of jobs and we ask a pertinent question; where are the jobs in Oyo state?

“The same governor tells the world he donates service vehicles to all the security agencies in the state and we ask; how have they improved the security architecture of the state in the last 50 months? Ritualists, kidnappers, vandals, armed robbers and other criminal elements operate freely in all parts of the state every hour and residents are helpless but the government paints a picture of water tight security.

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“The present administration is popular for perennial patching of same bad spots on major roads as repair works are handled haphazardly to pave the way for unending spending on the same thing. Most township roads are left unattended to while they do not give any attention to access roads particularly in Ibadan and other major towns and cities. In actual fact, development of infrastructure took a break the moment Gov. Makinde assumed office in 2019.

“Engr. Makinde will go down in the history as a governor who relegated local government administration for eight years as he never leaves anyone in doubt of his disregard for the rule of law as this concerns constitutional democracy. In summary, if a government has failed in improving all the key sector of the economy and the public is still being made to believe it has performed well, the head of such administration must be good at voodooism.” Sadare stated.