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In a bid to familiarise with the bank branches, staff and operations across the country, Eric Ntumba, the recently appointed CEO of Baobab Nigeria, has embarked on a comprehensive tour across the country.


As part of this journey, he visited Abuja, the nation’s capital city yesterday.


During his visit, Ntumba took the opportunity to engage with the bank employees, sharing his plans and vision for the institution.


He engaged in conversations, attentively listening to their thoughts and suggestions and answering their questions fostering an environment of open communication and collaboration.


The CEO expressed his deep appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the employees. Recognizing their integral role in the bank’s success, he emphasized that the growth and prosperity of Baobab Nigeria depended on their expertise and commitment.


Ntumba went further to outline his strategic plans for the bank’s future. He conveyed his vision of expanding Baobab Nigeria’s market presence, implementing innovative solutions, and enhancing customer experiences.


The CEO also underscored the significance of leveraging digital methods to streamline processes and drive sustainable growth, positioning the institution at the forefront of the Microfinance industry and Baobab group.


During his address, Ntumba expressed unwavering confidence in Baobab Nigeria’s potential to transform lives and contribute to the country’s economic development. He concludes by reiterating the bank’s mission to providing accessible financial services to individuals and businesses across Nigeria, especially those in underserved communities.

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