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One of the famous Ibadan Mogajis, Mogaji Ejilola Sefiu Abiodun has advocated for the proper coordination of society leaders dealing with land related business in Ibadanland.


Mogajj Ejilola said this during a popular live radio program in Ibadan where he appealed on behalf of the Olubadan of Ibadanland, His Imperial Majesty, Ọba Mahood Ọlálékan Balógun, PhD urged other Ibadan Mogajis and Baales to work for peaceful Ibadanland and end land grabbing, illegal acquisition and other related matters in Ibadanland.


Mogaji Ejilola Sefiu who also narrated a brief history behind the Ejilude Alákòko Compound in Ibadanland. He said the greatest Balogun Oderinlo family are of great relations with Ejilude Alákòko as he is a great warrior of Ibadan who migrated from Ile Ife.


According to him, history has it that Balogun Oderinlo, one of Ibadan greatest warriors extended his accommodating spirits to Ejilude Alakòkò to have a strong foot in Ibadanland being a powerful warrior of note during that time.


Same other facts also lie in Ejilude Alakoko’s efforts to get more acquainted with Ibadan further extend his dominance by acquiring and settling down at present Oke-Offa Atipe, Ibadanland.


Ejilude Alakoko fought many wars alongside Ibadan warriors and most time with the Greatest Balogun Oderinlo. 


Notably among the wars fought by Ejilude Alakoko are the Fulani-Osogbo War, Osu war, Kiriji War and host of others.


It is important to note also that, Ejilude Alakoko had five wives with children. And died in 1897 after the end of the longest civil war ‘Kiriji War’.

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In history, Mogaji Ejilola Sefiu Abiodun is the first Mogaji of the compound with remarkable achievements like youth and women empowerment to develop the society through the compound.