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Every year, the Al-Ansor Trust Fund organizes an impactful event that brings medical and surgical assistance to various communities in Oyo State. 


This annual medico-surgical outreach is a testament to their commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives and to contribute positively to the well-being of people within the community. 


According to the Al-Ansor Trust Fund coordinator in Oyo State, Doctor Salam Ridwan stated that, this year medico-surgical outreach is the 8th edition which centered on all kinds of ailment which can be handled within three days. 

Al-Ansor Health

Dr. Salam also explained further that mostly, the ailments like all forms of anemia in children and adults that require surgical operation, growth in the body, cancers,  eye treatment, dental treatment and any minor operation among others. 


He said further during the outreach, “the organization operates more than 400 beneficiaries though, more beneficiaries will still need to wait till next edition due to limited time allocated for the outreach.”


He also enumerated that the outreach program aims to provide accessible healthcare services to the general society irrespective of tribes, religion and age, and those who can not afford medical bills. 

Al-Ansor Health

The team of dedicated healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and support staff, offers their expertise and care to the beneficiaries.


“One of the key aspects of this outreach is the provision of surgical interventions. Many individuals suffer from various medical conditions that require minor surgical procedures. However, due to financial constraints or geographical limitations, they often cannot access the necessary treatment.” Al-Ansor Trust Fund Coordinator, Dr. Salam


“The Al-Ansor Trust Fund bridges this financial gap by bringing surgical teams to attend to various ailments free of charge. We set up temporary medical facilities equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform surgeries. These procedures range from minor operations to little complex interventions, catering to a wide range of medical needs.” He added.

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“The impact of these surgeries goes beyond the physical healing of patients. It brings hope and relief to individuals who have been living with pain or discomfort for extended periods due to financial constraints to access medical services”. He explained. 

Al-Ansor Health

Doctor Salam added that the organization is focusing to expand the tentacles to other states to reach people who have no financial ability to access medical service.


As outlined by the Coordinator, the outreach program also offers general medical check-ups and consultations. This ensures that individuals receive comprehensive healthcare services, including preventive care and treatment for common illnesses. By addressing both acute and chronic medical concerns, the Al-Ansor Trust Fund aims to create lasting positive change in the health of beneficiaries.


“The trust fund is open to everyone who wishes to join the organization, irrespective of distance, religion and tribes, the trust fund is open to everyone.”

Dr. Salam

In her reaction, Doctor Adekunle Wuliamat, family physician and surgical doctor expressed that “the success of the 8th edition of this annual medico-surgical outreach program is made possible through the combined efforts of the Al-Ansor Trust Fund and its dedicated team of volunteers. These individuals selflessly give their time, resources and expertise to ensure the smooth execution of the program. Their commitment to service reflects the core values of the trust fund.”

Al-Ansor Health

Furthermore, she explained that the support of Al-Ansor team and Muslim hospital staff play a crucial role in enabling the outreach program to reach its full potential. Their contributions allow the Al-Ansor Trust Fund to cover the assignment associated with medical supplies, equipment, and logistics. 

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She also appreciates all the members of Al-Ansor Trust Fund for their contributions because it is through their contributions that the trust fund can continue making a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need.


She said the Al-Ansor Trust Fund was born from a group of students who thought of impact meaningful to the society. Out of the little they got from home they contributed then and grew to what that we are witnessing today. She advised the beneficiaries to also in their own little way assist people around them.



Mr Hamzat Samsudeen Ayobami who is a beneficiary of eye care service expressed his pleasure over what he described as a service to humanity through Al-Ansor Trust Fund. 


He said, “before anytime he is reading there’s a limit of what he can read and at times, the eyes may be blocked. And that after the doctor’s examination they discovered flesh growing in his eye but through the intervention of Al-Ansor Trust Fund medical outreach, he regained his sight back and was functioning well.”



Another beneficial at the 3-days medico-surgical outreach, Mrs. Abimbola Yemisi appreciates the Al-Ansor Trust Fund for giving life back to her two children (Abimbola Temileyin and Abimbola Taiwo) who were suffering from Anemia before but now free of such. 

She stressed that her two children were taken into theater for operation and after some minutes they handed them back to her.


She said someone invited her because the program comes up every year and she grab the opportunity without paying a dime.

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In addition, Mrs Omifunke Hammed who was an Osun worshiper thanks God Almighty for the great assistance Al-Ansor Trust Fund is doing for the past 8 years in helping people to get free medical services. 


She said she came from Badagry for the treatment of her son ( Sulaiman Hammed). 

According to her, she was invited by a friend who saw her struggle over her son’s health challenges. Her son was suffering from Anemia before but through Al-Ansor his health status has been back to normal.



Mr. Oyetunji Taiwo Nurudeen also thanked Al-Ansor Trust Fund for organizing such interventions that assist his son to be free from Anemia.


In conclusion, the Al-Ansor Trust Fund’s annual medico-surgical outreach program is a testament to the power of compassion and collective effort. By bringing medical and surgical assistance to people with financial difficulties and making a significant difference in the lives and health of individuals who lack access to proper healthcare due to finances. 


Through surgical interventions, general medical check-ups, and consultations, the trust fund addresses both immediate and long-term medical needs of people. The program is a shining example of how various NGO can come together to create positive change and improve the well-being of people in need.