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A state exists, not for the sake of life only, but for good life


A cursory look at the cabinet formation of Governor Seyi Makinde speaks volumes of his gifts of discernment and what Winston Churchill called “the courage to continue the counts.” It is a strong determination to build on the gains of his first term.


The Governor in selecting his team, like a shrewd football coach shuns sentiments and shows no pretense to please everybody. Trying to please everybody, as W. Herbert, an American prolific author says “is the formula for failure”. The time for using public office to put food on table for cronies is long dead and buried.


At the swearing in ceremony, the exultant Governor expressed his confidence in the selection as he flaunted the capacity of each player to bring on board his or her wealth of professional expertise. Theferefore, His wise choices do not only bespeaks his innate ability to identify unique gifts in individuals, but it largely exposes, his believe in participatory democracy as he extends his dragnet wide to capture capable hands from both astute professionals and competent politicians with enviable backgrounds across theState. That It bears representation from all the 14 Federal Constituencies in the State for the first time in the annals of the state deserves an extra applause.


Honestly, putting astute Professors to man key Ministries like Education, Science and Technology, Budget and Economic  Planning, Public Works Etal underscores the Governor’s strong vision for a new city as enunciated by the great philosopher Plato, in “the Republic” .

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I am not also in the least, taken aback, that many people have continued to laud the choice of Professor Olanike Adeyemo’s as SSG, this is not due to gender balancing but because of the unique gift of the Professor to excel in any given task.


In the same vein, in some quarters, they have also described the appointment of Badejo Samuel as the DG in charge of protocol as a square peg in the square hole. Protocol duty, according to many people is a familiar terrain to Badejo who was said to have performed the same function excellently in the Premier University.


When I flicked through the names and I surprisingly stumbled on the name of Akin-Fumilayo Williams, an high ranking administrator to whom I have absolute regards, I told someone the Governor “is really set to bake the National cake from the Pacesetter state”.


Other performers in the first line ups in the first term are not returned due to several factors as revealed by my own personal enquiries. While some of them aimed at more international roles, others voluntary step aside as true sportsmen for other players to be texted.


Moreover, some local Governments parades many “stars” that can’t just all be exhausted in one season alone because of of others.


Gleefully, On sighting the names of Dr. Wasiu Olatubosun to man the newly created Ministry of Culture and tourism, I heaved a sigh of relief, he will no doubt build the Ministry from nadir to the Zenith. He is capable. This has also made me to have a hunch that someday a separate ministry will be carved for informationTechnology from education to meet the global standards for encouraging technology in the modern world.

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Alas, I can’t just pretend not to see Mrs. Toyin Balogun, here is another exemplar with eyes-for-success, judged by her past sterling records in handling issues pertaining to womenfolks, I give kudos to the Governor for allowing her to handle the areas of her core competence.


My own brother from another mother Seun Ashamu, is another person I am always pleased to hear his analysis on radio, he truly knows his onions.


Other Commissioners like our own Mogbanjubola Jagaban, our first class media guru, Prince Dotun Oyelade, my indefatigable brother, Segun Olayiwola and others I couldn’t mention for the economy of space, permit me to say, you are all heartily welcome.

As the Governor rightly said, Omi Tuntun 2.0 simply means more work ahead to be done.
Please be prepared to continue the counts. May Almighty God bless you with sinews and the wherewithal to do the work.


All told, this is the Confirmed starting line-ups of the best eleven. The ball, as they say is in your courts.

Hearty Congratulations to you all . I am keeping my bigger Congratulations , or condemnations ( God forbids) till the end of your tenure insha Allah.


Isiaka-Kehinde is a public affairs analyst based in Ibadan.