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In preparation for next elections in Nigeria, as known, many Nigeria youths have refused not to take a back seat in politics again and thus been seen showing their early interest in contesting for political offices at different levels of governance. 


Not taking his political ambition for play, Bolaji ADEGOKE Gbengbeleku, a member of All Progressive Congress (APC) in Ona Ara local government area of the pacesetter state has taken a significant step towards promoting political transparency and inclusivity in governance. 


Recognizing the importance of seeking input and guidance from various stakeholders in Ona Ara state constituency, the young former chairmanship aspirant of APC has constituted what can be likened to be a ‘Consultation Group’ toward his political ambition.


Bolaji Gbengbeleku is a renowned accountant and philanthropist, and has shown his passionate interest in seeing to the good of the people of Ona-Ara state constituency. 


“Even though 2027 is far in our general calendar, one can then see the genuinity of human welfarism risen in the mind of Bolaji Gbengbeleku.” Says a constituent of Ogbere-Oriyangi while attesting to the philanthropist nature of the son of the Great Gbengbeleku.


According to a feeder, the constituted ‘Consultation Group’ named “Bolaji Gbengbeleku For 2027” was said to be established with the aim of fostering open dialogue and collaboration among key stakeholders and organizations within the constituency to commonly find a better way to make life meaningful and easy for the general populace irrespective of political aspiration. 


According to the convener of the group, Bolaji ADEGOKE Gbengbeleku, understood that the betterment of our constituency is the best decision we made in the choice of our representatives. And that should be the collective actions of all. 

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The Consultation Group, according to the convener, comprised a diverse range of members, including representatives from different sectors making up the local government; education, healthcare, agriculture, business, and civil society. This configuration was to ensure that a wide array of perspectives and expertise were brought to the table, enabling comprehensive discussions and informed decision-making towards a good representation in 2027.


He further explained that, the mandate of the group was for regular meetings across the 11 wards that make up Ona Ara state constituency, providing a platform for members to express their views, share ideas, and propose solutions to various challenges facing the constituency and searching for genuine solutions that can be channeled toward them. 


Bolaji Gbengbeleku’s decision to establish the ‘Consultation Group’ was not without its challenges. However, he remained steadfast in his commitment to promoting participatory democracy and ensuring that the voices of the people were heard. By actively engaging with stakeholders, he aimed to bridge the gap between his political and the citizens, fostering trust and accountability.


Furthermore, the establishment of this Consultation Group had a positive ripple effect throughout the constituency. Not only on political movement, it also empowered individual members and various organizations to actively engage in the process, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the development of various communities in Ona-Ara. 


Through this innovative approach, Bolaji Gbengbeleku has set a precedent for future leaders, highlighting the importance of consultation, collaboration, and inclusivity in governance. 

His visionary decision to establish the Consultation Group will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, leading to a more vibrant and participatory democracy in the years to come.