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Alhaja (Chief) Wulemot Adewumi has a gilded heart, she doesn’t play stakes to make heart ache. She is a soothing balm that adds more warmth to any heart that meets her on this planet earth. Alhaja Wulemot, is not lopsided, her own Smooth operation, unlike Folashade Adu the original owner of the term, goes beyond playing with hearts, she nurtures them.

Alhaja Adewumi is a heroine in her own way.

She has towered above hurdles set by some societies to favour and give men extra leverage above womenfolk.


She typifies that woman, who adds glamour to the world in Maggie Smith’s memoir where she writes about a mother’s fierce, strong determination, compassion and self discovery titled ‘You could make this place beautiful‘.  Yes, she beautifies the world!


Chief Wulemot was the next feminine voice I heard on my sick bed, resonating and urging me to get up and about so that I would not be pushed back and forth like a boat. She is a true mother in Israel!

She might be a tough nut to crack like hickory, only to those who double- deals with her, otherwise, her gilded heart can melt a stone. And with the kind heart she stays behind PDP women in the State to lead them from the back.

Her passion is extended to the party which she holds tautly on her head against any tempest . She would say “if you like me, show it by coming to my party.” Her part in the party is etched in gold.

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Join me to celebrate the vivacious and elegant woman leader with fashion sense as she adds to her age today, wishing her many happy returns in good health, abundant wealth and maximum grace.

Happy birthday ma.


Isiaka Kehinde writes from Ibadan