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In celebrating the World Blood Donor Day, stakeholders across the global space have called for improved blood donation to increase the blood banks reservoir and to further serve the needs of the needy in our society.


During the World Blood Donor Day celebration organized by the National Blood Service Commission (NBSC), Southwest Zonal Center in Ibadan, stakeholders converged and chatted ways out of the challenges facing NBSC and sought for further improvement.


Speaking to newsmen after the event, Rotarian Kemi Akinpelu, President, Rotary Club of Iyaganku-Ibadan, calls for a strong communique that will serve as ‘white paper’ to advocate for the inclusion of Blood Donor Education in secondary school curriculum and part of the civic education subject. 


According to her, this inclusion will help to catch the younger donors more and inculcate in them the spirit of donating and contributing to the cause of humanity.


“We should intensify our efforts towards making that a reality. It will pay us in the end.”


“As we all know, today is the world blood donor day, and the celebration is ongoing across the federation. To reiterate what other stakeholders have been echoing, it is important to call for more voluntary donors to increase blood bank reservations.”


“Women can donate thrice due to their monthly menstruation while men can donate more than that in a year. This blood cannot be chemically generated, it is through our respective donations that will enhance the availability of it in NBSC banks and make it readily available for use when the need for it arises. We must keep donating to safe life.”

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“In rotary, we value humanity. That is why we continuously partner with the National Blood Service Commission (NBSC) to join hands in making sure humanity is safe, as we are part of it also. Blood donation is an act of humanity, and thus, one of the chore areas of rotary activities. She concluded.