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The APC gubernatorial candidate in Oyo State, Chief Bayo Adelabu while addressing the students leaders and concerned stakeholders, have made known of his intension to work with students community before and after the elections; when getting to government. He made this known during a parley with different student leaders across our higher institutions and the state at large, where he kept them abreast with his plans to raise the dynamics of the different tertiary institutions. He also plans to institutionalize the students consultative forum, an avenue to bring harmony between the students and the government.

In his words, “tertiary institutions should be nurtured to a stage where it will be self funding, they must not be dependent on government forever, sourcing of funding must be in three ways which will include: government subvention; insignificant increase in fees; and through businesses and commercial services – our institutions should rightly serve as a repository of intellectual properties. In my administration, I’ll ensure that we generate enough money to provide adequate subvention to the schools till they are self-funding”.

The former deputy governor of CBN while speaking also talked about the importance of having a conscious students group in government and how they impact their copious intellectual capacity to critique a government ranging from their high numbers to their literacy nature, and how they scold a non performing government.

He then and there informed them of his plans to institutionalized the students consultative forum for critical stakeholders: from the students government, to the indigenous associations and down to the hall of residence. It will institutionalise the complex nature of the student groups and serve as a medium to communicate to the larger body. He also took the opportunity to proffer solutions to the incessant problems in the tertiary institutions.

The program was well attended by the leaders of the different groups and they uniformly mounted their immense support for the Bayo Adelabu Project and elections come March 2, 2019.

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