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Engr. Seyi Makinde and Engr. Rauf Olaniyan 

Destiny is believed to be at work whenever one is seen progressing or perhaps making a head way in a chosen career but while this assertion is true, the word commitment too cannot be disregarded as far as being what one at creation is designed for is concerned.

Work is a principal wheel by which man is driven towards success, it is a tool for attracting values especially where effectiveness is not only considered the key but the focus also is on the set goal without wavering, that is why even God put work before prayer, so that in the order of priorities man can be reminded to take but with utmost seriousness whatever his work is.

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While it is important to note that most of those who make unusual success in life have a long list of resilient efforts and an archive of ups and downs, one should equally not forget that no one ever breaks forth without being determined to never give up.

This in synopsis describes the life of His Excellency, The Deputy Governor of Oyo State, *Engineer Rauf Aderemi Olaniyan*, whom I regard as one who goes early to the stream and fetch the best water. Apart from giving the best of himself to serving humanity, his record of service also attests to diligence and hard work which are hallmarks of his enduring success  today.

Being recalled back to work after retiring from active service does not just happen in the history of man except where one has performed exceedingly great and more of him for continuous benefits of the people is yet required and that is why *Aderemi Olaniyan* remains a mark of honour in the Oyo state service circle till date.

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It is no coincidence at all that destiny eventually brought Engineer Rauf Olaniyan and our amiable Governor, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde, together as co captains on the ship to take Oyo State to enviable heights given to their antecedents and track records of amazing feats, no wonder the people are now at peace that a better day is already here.

Indeed, it won’t be an error to safely conclude that commitment to work helps destiny to significantly make of man what it is assigned but not where giving up is an option for consideration and that is Rauf Olaniyan’s diary.