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The APC preparation for a smooth local government election in Oyo State has suffered a setback as many irregularities marred the last week Friday primary election of the party in Ona-Ara local government. 


In a follow up chat with one of the leading aspirants of the chairmanship position in the local government, Bolaji ADEGOKE Gbengbeleku, it was revealed that, the happenings of Friday primaries in the 11 wards of the local government are unacceptable, unpleasant and having tendency to batter the image of the party and weigh down the chances of the party in the local government.


In his official reaction, Bolaji Gbengbeleku, via a press release on Sunday declared that Ona-Ara Chairmanship primary election for All Progressives Congress (APC) is yet to be concluded as there are irregularities in some wards making up the council. 


He explained that, in Ward 09, accreditation of party members was not done before the commencement of election. The intentional skipping of membership accreditation as compromised by some politicians gave his opponent the opportunity to mobilize non-party members to vote in an election solely for party membership.


“I got reports from my representatives in different wards that no accreditation was done in Ward 09 and those who came to the venue to support and vote for his opponent, Hon. Akani Oyetunde were not party members in any way. Some of our party members protested that this is how the actor in the picture of these irregularities deface the party in the last general elections.”



“Therefore, I cannot accept such an election result from that Ward 09. It is indeed broad day election manipulation which can never be accepted.”


“Let me also point to Ward 07, where manipulation of the revalidation list was found before the original list emerged where Ward 05 members were sighted voted in Ward 07, the list used for election was hijacked by some perceived thugs without results of such election being declared. Without any explanation from the electoral officials from the party secretariat, no election took place in that Ward 07 as well.” He added.


“Apart from what happened in Ward 07 and 09, Ward 11 is another center of election irregularity as far as APC primary election is concerned in Ona-Ara. No election was conducted in Ward 11 at all, and I can say it again and again.”


“It is important to say that, earlier before the commencement of the election, our party Chairman, Mr. Ogundipe allegedly invited Wards Chairmen to a meeting. We have feeders as for the outcome of the meeting, where the local party Chairman further alleged to have instructed the eleven (11) Ward Chairmen to work for our opponent. That is not fair on the part of us, party members and other aspirants. And not too good for our political development.”


“Some of our feeders also hinted to us that the party chairman’s decision on Hon. Akanni was backed up by some stakeholders at the state level. That is unfair, unjust and totally unacceptable from a party who so much pronounced democratic principle and free and fair election.”

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“It is on this note that, I, Bolaji ADEGOKE Gbengbeleku is appealing to all my supporters not to create any issues with anyone as he believes the State Executive Council of All Progressive Congress (APC) will do the needful to address the above-mentioned irregularities during the primary election in Ona-Ara and consequently call for the re-conduct of the election in the local government.”


“Our party members should keep calm and continue to spread the gospel of the party to the hearing of electorates. We’ll triumph at the end. We’ll continue to support the party in the very best area we can but not close eyes on the injustice melted against us.”