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If we are to uphold performance as the paramount criterion for government appointments, there exists no individual more deserving of eminent recognition and reappointment than Professor Adeolu Akande. His track record as Chairman of the Board of Commissioners at the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) speaks volumes to both the discerning and those with less acute senses.


Moreover, Professor Akande’s academic and professional trajectory is a testament to his unparalleled excellence and untarnished integrity. He embodies the essence of technocrats who ardently champion the welfare of the masses, epitomizing true selflessness in service.


Under his adept stewardship during his tenures at both the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and NCC, government revenues surged while the meticulous adherence to due processes fostered a culture of transparency and accountability.


Professor Adeolu Akande, without doubt, stands as a national treasure. His extensive reservoir of experience and expertise illuminates the path toward enhanced governance and astute leadership.


He encompasses the quintessential attributes of a committed party member, an esteemed technocrat, and an individual whose exceptional education and network are exemplary. His demeanor radiates with impeccable conduct, unwavering empathy, and fidelity to his core principles.


In a world where these qualities are a rarity, Professor Akande radiates as a paragon of excellence, a beacon that guides our nation towards progress.


This tribute is a heartfelt dedication to Professor Adeolu Akande Esq. He is a leader who commands my utmost admiration, and I earnestly write with the aspiration that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu profoundly considers reappointing him to his former esteemed position or an even more influential role.

Hassan Popoola hails from Kishi in Oyo State

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