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 Isiaka Kehinde 

It was made to potray a distorted picture of the state version of the Eggheads who have been tactfully selected  to provide a moral compass to direct the sail of governnance in the state.  If we can as well contend that governnance is not a solo operation and giving his mammoth power as an executive governor, a state helmsman can invoke his executive powers granted by the Constitution to adapt the machinery of governnance in a way that he deems worthwhile. In order words, he can take certain unilateral decision ordinary person in government can’t touch with a long pole.  Therefore, when GSM came up with the composition of the advisory council, no one could raise a dissenting opinion.

However, it turns to a delusion of grandeur when a Local Government Party Chairman dreams of having equal dose of executive rights like the state. In that case, if caution is not strictly exercised, the person will constitute himself to a Goebellian voice that demands and commands at will and will unconscionably shred the party constitution right in the faces of those he was selected to steer their party ship. This amounts to putting local politics beyond it’s tipping point.

It’s galling in the extreme to hear that, as part of premeditated stratagem to arrive at what can be likened to a quaintly furnished conclusion to vest maximum powers on the party chair as a ferocious means to a dark emd, some people in Ona Ara are exercising illegality and flaunting  morally exceptionabe powers to do “what Napoleon can’t do”. They have special Advisers to specially advise the special Chairman. Are they not up to fifty?

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Methinks the baggage of burden on the chair must be so heavy to demand that huge number of “wise men” to share with. Even the disciples as we learn in the holy books don’t exceed a dozen.  Am I even pressing on the number or asking the rationale for the volte face action ?

Advisory Council to the Party Chairman? It sounds odd to hearing and offensive to the optics. Which local Government did the initiators copy that from?. Or has Ona Ara  party chair assumed the status of a state Governor? Wherefore the  purpose for the constituted “elders forum” the extant assembly of elders which has more constitutional backing to provide checks and balances to the chair and co pilot the local affairs? No ascription could be more fitting to describe this power arrogance other than what an American psychologist, Professor Kelner termed “power paradox”. The omens are very dire, to put it mildly.

For crying out aloud, if the reverred Elders who have seen it all in Politics and other human endeavours are now considered to be “too bereft” of the required savvy to advise, councel or guide a party chair aright, I wonder what magic the new advisors, who themselves, to say most, need to be seeking advice of cerebral elders, will perform?. This is an unsettling truth they hate to hear that is making them desperately searching for a releif road.

Time will tell.