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The ordeal suffered by Nigerians and other Africans residing in South Africa in the hands of South Africans is a condemnable act. It is totally an act showing the greatest inhumanity of man towards another man, which should be condemn in the strongest terms.

The killings and maiming have lingered for too long and have resulted in loss of promising lives and billions worth of property. We can only be praying that, God should repose the souls of victims in the gruesome attack and console their families.

It is very satanic and inhuman that, blacks are jealous and developing hatred to their fellow blacks race and their achievements; rather, they should work in harmony to place the continent on a pedestal that can stand side by side with other continents.

Also, Nigerians in diaspora should ensure they are law-abiding and dissociate themselves from all forms of criminality that may trigger another violence in consequent time. A good image projection of the country should be their conscious aim. They should also eschew any form of retaliation in reaction to the act to avoid further damages.

I, on behalf of Oyo State students, call on the Nigerian government to take decisive actions as well as create a blanket solution to the menace as it has lingered for too long, and it keep affecting us.

Oke Wasiu Ayinde (Pattern)
Outgoing Senate President, FOSSU National Body

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