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Hon. Akinjide Kazeem Akinola has felicitated with the Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT) on the occasion of the World Teacher’s Day celebration.


Akinjide in his felicitation message calls for a more befitting and good rewarding system for Nigeria teachers for them to give more of their energy in building a vibrant and productive society that we all can be proud of.


“Congratulations to Nigerian teachers generally on the occasion of the World Teacher’s Day.”


“Teachers are our treasure globally, and we must do everything possible to make them happy and be more productive in helping to build greater human capital development of this country.” Akinjide noted.


“For every greater man or woman, he or she has a teacher behind his or her greatness or success. But generally, we are not doing well to appreciate their efforts in helping to nurture our children and us as well, because we are all going through learning at one point or the other to become a greater person and be at best at our different endeavors.”


“I am appealing to the government at all levels to remunerate teachers appropriately. And make them be at their best all the time. The lawmakers at all levels should enact laws that will help lifting the dying spirit of our teachers.”


“There should also be law regulating private operators of the education sector as to caution them against exploiting teachers under them to maximize their own profit. If we want a better education system, the actors therein, teachers, should be well remunerated for a greater output.”

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“We’ll not relent in our individual capacity as well to reach out teachers as members of the society in the area of support we are capable of.” Akinjide concluded.