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LAGELU AT 30: When Men were Boys.

“Life is not about finding the right people, but creating the right relationship.” 

Going down the memory lane, precisely in 1982, providence put us together to start a relationship as  we entered a noble ship called “Friendship “and set forth in for a journey to a land of Fellowship.
We mixed freely like birds with same plummages and like two peas in a pod, we became inseparable.
We coasted along with glee but never lose sight of our overriding goal of Excellence. We did not only wish, we dared to excel.

When Men were boys, we wore the school’s motto of “Semper optimum” like an epaulette and we always stood high in integrity made possible by the corporate norms and shared value bestowed on us by the school.

When men were boys, so lucky we were to have attended a school that develops human person through admixture of qualitative education and high moral values.  And we promise the school that “wherever we go, wherever we be, we would always uphold its name” and pledge never shall we upend its values. Till date, we never derail.

Now the boys are men. We left the school 30 years ago. It was just like yesterday. The school has never left us even as those boys groomed by the school are now movers and shakers in the society in their individual callings. Unto the most High be the glory.

Happy 30th Celebrations to all my friends and brothers.

I am proud to be a Lagelite.

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Sponsored by Alhaji Isiaka kehinde on behalf of the Excos and all members of Lagelu Grammar School 82-87 Set.