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The Governor of Oyo State, ‘Seyi Makinde in the newsletter released on Thursday has announced the commencement of the SAfER (Sustainable Actions for Economic Recovery) Programme. As part of this initiative, the Oyo State government has received 3,000 bags of rice from the Federal Government, with plans to procure an additional 37,000 bags.


Governor Makinde in his newsletter also highlighted his recent trip to Benin Republic as part of the President’s entourage, expressed his optimism about the economic gains that would come from engaging in border trade and cooperation with the neighboring country. With Oyo State sharing international borders with Benin Republic, the governor believes that such collaborations will strengthen the state’s economy.


According to the Governor, instead of focusing solely on palliative measures, which only address symptoms without solving the underlying problems, the SAfER Programme aims to stimulate the economy through sustainable actions. One of the key components of the program is the Food Relief Package, which will benefit 200,000 of the poorest households in the state. This intervention not only provides much-needed support to vulnerable families but also serves to stimulate the local economy as most of the items in the package are sourced locally.


Furthermore, Governor Makinde mentioned that the Oyo State Government has committed one billion Naira to fund youth agropreneurs and small businesses as part of the SAfER package. Instead of providing grants, the government has opted for low-interest loans, allowing beneficiaries to repay the loans and access more funds in the future.

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To ensure the successful implementation of the SAfER Programme, an implementation committee has been inaugurated. This committee will collaborate with relevant agencies to ensure that the program is effectively delivered and reaches those in need.


Governor Makinde reiterated his commitment to delivering good governance and sustainable development in Oyo State. The SAfER Programme, aligned with the Oyo State Roadmap for Sustainable Development 2023-2027, aims to create long-term effects through short-term plans. By focusing on sustainable actions, the government believes it can achieve lasting economic recovery and development.


As the procurement of items for the Food Relief Package is already underway, Governor Makinde assured the people of Oyo State that their needs would be met. With the receipt of 3,000 bags of rice from the Federal Government and plans to procure an additional 37,000 bags, each of the 200,000 households targeted by the program will receive 10kg bags of rice. The government is also sourcing other items locally to support local businesses and stimulate the economy.


Governor Makinde concluded his message by expressing his determination to continue delivering good governance and sustainable development to the people of Oyo State. With the SAfER Programme now in motion, he remains confident in the state’s ability to overcome challenges and build a prosperous future for all.