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As He Called the Rewards ‘God’s Miracle’; Dedicates it To Nigerian Youths

WHO AM I ? I am thrilled and on cloud nine to be a sample of handwritten miracle of God’s unprecedented wonder showered at me on the occasion of the Celebration of World International Youth Day. It’s not a coincidence that it happened on this day, but an ordained event orchestrated by God the Father whose spirit was moving around the doer of this priceless Honor, Chief Tunde Ologburo.


It came as a rude shock, surprise and unimaginable show of kind gesture to me. As I was never expecting such recognition at this time rather another rewarding angle to be of more blessings to the stake and process of achieving success under OMITUNTUN 2.0 of My effulgent leader Inspirational Educationist Revolutionary Missionary Master, His Excellency, Engr Dsc GSSRS KJW Abiodun Oluseyi Makinde FNSE.


Just early last week, at about 6:33am, I received a call from Alh. Ologburo for greetings and to check up on me. He went further to enquire from me about what I had benefited from this government since OMITUNTUN 1.0 till date and I said not yet only that My Governor, The Man Called MAKINSSON approved my nomination request to Chair/Head the Youth Media, Publicity and Communication of the Youth under my DG youth, Hon Dr. Oladeji Ibraheem Salami Political baptized as DIKKO now PTS Chairman and Sole Administrator respectively.


Before this time, he had engaged me on some of my personal monitoring exercise I do in my private capacity selflessly. The first I knew him was when I was on live video to Ajia village to monitor the ongoing road construction as approved by Mr Governor during OMITUNTUN 1.0, he called me to ask who sent me, I replied it’s just myself and before I could say jack, after I sent my account details as requested by him, an alert to fuel my vehicle came in and since then I didn’t know he was taking note of my online/offline activities. He never believed me at first that I work in a financial institution and actively involved and with full passion to supporting, contributing to the growth and success of Mr Governor untill he met me in one of our branches in Ibadan.

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What exactly can I say merited me this favour among other dedicated youths, online influencers, social media strategist among others that has and still propagating the good work of Gov Makinde?. I am deeply grateful to God for the Spirit of Perseverance, Patience he has given me thus far and ministered solely to the donor, Chief Babatunde Ologburo, an intentional, deliberate purposeful philanthropist, Ally of GSM whose generosity has gone globally to have found me, a son of nobody worthy of this highly exalted huge token, honestly I feel encouraged, Inspired, relieved and optimistic that, No matter how rough, dirty, tiring, worrisome, stressful the commitment and dedication can be towards a mission, don’t quit, so as to get the medal.


I am more committed, strengthen, refilled to do more. Let me use this opportunity to call on like minds of my category to keep pressing, delivering like a woman whose time to deliver a baby has come and was determined to take the bold step of Push untill the baby comes and can be laughter at the end, don’t relent, don’t give up, loyalty still pays.

I want to extend my gratitude to Hon. Dr. Morounkola Thomas, a political strategist, whose attestation to my activities took me a back.


Sincerely, I pray that God will continue to preserve and strengthens you and family Sir, Chief Tunde Ologburo. My Gov, I thank you Sir for making us proud, accelerated development and sustainable development goal enjoyed and still ongoing by the good people of Oyo State necessitates the need for my recognition and support at this time.



Your’s Servant Leader,
Egalitarian Dig. Com.
Moyosoreoluwa Olamilekan Eldreez codenamed IJOBA AUTHORITY MOE Dynasty World-Wide writes from the home of Generals Ibadan North East World.