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The political undercurrents that pervades the choice of the leadership to helmsman the Ninth Assembly is getting foggier by the day. It is becoming more difficult to be coded by the uninitiates. Every Herod is trying to outherod other Herods. The game is at it’s peak.

Applying a liberal turn of mind, any political observer would have considered the selection of Senator Lawan by the power that be as the final whistle in the field of play where the number one person to lead the next Assembly is to be decided. But it seems to be the reverse as recent events that played out visibly pitch Senator Ndume on the parallel side of Lawan’s  consensus arrangements. It was even reported that Ndume called the bluff of the vice president who apparently does not have a vice grip of NASS. Professor Osinbajo had summoned Ndume to a  peace meeting ostensibly to cajole him to accept with equanimity the ‘voice of wisdom’ to support Lawan’s bid. Ndume, reportedly stood his ground. What some observers called nettlesome attitude of the ambitious senator, is   nothing but a common place practice in the field of play to the seasoned political analysts. Afterall, it’s a game of interest, alien to common agenda.

The same political chess game repeats itself at the states level where the falcons are refusing to hear the falconers. Discordant tunes now fill the air like pestilence. For example, in Oyo state, a social political group under the aegis of  Itesiwaju Oyo has openly disagreed with the state Governor, Abiola Ajimobi who doubles as the APC leader in the state. The group opined it was morally exceptionabe for the governor to throw his weight behind Hon. Gbajabiamila from Lagos State for the position of speaker, when as the group asserted “Oyo state too can boast of ranking officers who are as well qualified to be the speaker”. The fractitous tendency of the group, if care is not taken, may spark another tiff in a party that is just smarting over it’s electoral defeats in the last governorship election in the state.

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As the gritty tackles continue among the people hunting for juicy positions in the ruling party and other stalwarts, the strategy radically differs in PDP camp which though have comparatively lesser  numerical adantage,  looks more settled and undismayed by the Goebellian antics of the leaders of the ruling party. One thing is however clear, any APC leader playing down the capacity of the PDP senators to rock the boat, is preparing for what Karl Popper called “unwanted consequences”.

As things stands, the political beam balance, is apparently tilting in favour of the Senators with strategic planning instinct  and qualitative uniqueness who can muster support from both the PDP and APC camps with relative ease. That’s why the name of Senator Teslim Folarin keeps recurring as the most likely candidate to occupy the Deputy Senate President position in the Ninth Assembly. But in politics, as in Ethics, there is no absolutism. Reality itself as philosophers say, is relative to a scheme. What count real in one system may not be in another.

I have once offered perspective on what people should expect in the Ninth Assembly. Obviously, it’s not going to be cartwheeled by political godfatherism nor will the influence of their surpine faithfuls make any difference. It’s going to be a game of wit. This, to Senator TKF, in his “unencumbered self’,  is diving into a familiar  pool.   If the information emanating from the red Chambers is anything to go by ,the position of DSP is  very likely to be zoned to the SW region. The political gladiators gunning for the post of DSP  , except Dr orji Uzor Kalu (Abia)who is recently showing a flicker of interest are all from SW axis . They are , to wit,   Senator ibikunle Amosun,( Ogun) Senator Oluremi Tinubu (Lagos) and Senator Teslim Folarin (Oyo). For some inscrutable but obviously due to his past political experience and strategic reasoning, all eyes swivel in the direction of TKF .

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Concerning the Senate and Speakership positions, it will be too  dicey now even for a palmist to predict. As they say here , on the street,  “anything fit happen” Let’s wait for the next scene.