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“Good price must correspondingly offer a beffiting value”. That’s the Monica of LibraGold Travels And Tours, the Pearl of  tourism management agency in Nigeria whose scintillant, many people believe,  overshadows it’s peers. 

It needs no additional emphasis that The Gold that keeps sheeny in   Libra Gold Travels and Tours is Hajia Zikrah Afolake Aduke Akanbi   She is the  defacto light which highlights and pushes into the foreground the professional know how and technical expertise  of the traveling Pathfinder, the LibraGold,   borne out of it’s over   two decades experience now making it a synonym to ‘explendido’ in tourism service.

Like a luminous gold which is always highly desirable, uniquely shiny and unreactive, Libra Gold has continued to be tourists delight as it is coruscating year in year out and offering it’s customers additional value more than their money worth. Precisely, What Gold means to human civilization, is the same sense LibraGold is making to the teeming travellers that would rather postpone their trip anywhere in the world than to miss the quality services LibraGold offers. Only those who don’t know will deny the fact that LibraGold travels and tours is cast in pure gold which her owner embodies. Truly, pure gold does not depreciates, only gold alloys do.

I often wonder why young  people who use LibraGold travels and tours also  recommend same to  their parents in their hoary years to travel to KSA for both Umrah and Hajj exercise?, And,   the answer which was not far fetched was  recently offered  by the Akinade’s family who have been using LibraGold  Travels and Tours yearly more than a decade now it was impressive. Let me share  the sweet testimony of Alhaja Akinade, a famous  business tycoon at Gbagi market. She proudly said  “Libra Gold offers services that is very sparse in tourism management. I can say without fear of contradiction that not even state welfare Boards can match her.  LibraGold  has such  an alluring brilliance that makes you desire for more. They are liberal to both the old and the young and pay especial attention to the former.’

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Alhaja  Akinade added “traveling with LibraGold is like sunbathing. When the Sun finishes it’s course and sets below the horizon, it leaves behind a brilliant and memorable afterglow that makes a repeat always desired”

Not suprisingly, those who passed through Libra Gold  Travels and Tours for their UAE vacation recently were also full of encomiums to LibraGold for it’s excellent customers service.

Succintly put, from the  information garnered from over twenty respondents in the course of conducting  this Vox Pop – “In Hajj operation, both on shore and off shore arrangements including; fool – proof visa processing, strict compliance with NAHCON’s regulations, excellent medical services, clean shuttle vehicles for ease of pilgrims transportation in the Holy Land, proximity of the pilgrims hotel to the holy Harram, smoth sequence of home – bound airlifting of pilgrims and other A-  rated services provided, Libragold travels is second to none”

Little wonder Libragold travels and tours  has won several awards both home and abroad  in  tourism management. The awards include AIITA special recognition award and other award of excellence by major airlines like Emirates, British Airways etc.

However, one major  conundrum which many people have found very difficult to unravel is how  the amazing owner of Libragold and Senator Adesoji Akanbi’s wife and alter ego, Hajia Afolake Akanbi has managed  to combine the hard nosed business strategy that she puts in Libragold with local support in politics she constantly offer her husband, not to mention her philanthropic activities without one affecting the other? This  has made those close to her to give  her the sobriquet of a “utility woman mined in Gold”

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To Libragold proprietress, ‘one can only sit up or foul up’, she doesn’t bloviate, she acts,
she sits up all the time and builds on each progress made.

Today isvery  special in the life of  Hajia Zikra Aduke Akanbi being her birthday. Please let’s  join her numerous admirers all over the world to wish her more years of service to humanity and additional glints to keep Libra Gold and the society by extension  shining more brightly. Age with abundant grace.

 Happy birthday.