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“No decision about us without us!” – Africa’s Leading Farmer Groups Call Out AGRA Over Corporate Interference

AGRA, until recently known as The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa — will hold its annual Summit in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from 5-8 September. Branded as ‘the Africa Food Systems Summit’, the event brings together agribusiness leaders, experts, policymakers, and representatives from various sectors of the food industry. The forum claims to be “a unique platform for CEOs to build meaningful connections and partnerships within the food and agriculture sector.”

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UI Receives a Commendation from FAO

The University of Ibadan has been commended by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for its successful completion of the project entitled, Aquaculture and Rural Communities: Farm Diversification Process through Integrated Agriculture – Aquaculture systems and Nutrition-Sensitive Value Chains for Better Nutrition Outcomes in Kebbi and Ebonyi States Nigeria.

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