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Education is not the best assurance cover that can guarantee a tony life and redress previous losses for people,   in fact,  it is the only  assurance.
In a society like ours where many people have been defrocked and deprived of basic needs,  the only fillip to their hope is being alive now to experience a rosy day in the nearest future.  Only education offers that power for everyone to reach his or her destination. 
As R.S Peters says ” it would be a logical contradiction to say that a man had been educated, but, he has no way to change for better”. It is on the above premise that I always consider nothing greater than any effort tailored towards the promotion of education.  More so now that most of our politicians are engaging in “vanity ” coloured as “charity.”   They dole out motorcycle to the poor and offer the mendicant a daily meal,  but rather than providing a relief, they are creating a “grief” for those they love only to corner their votes.  . Some of those that petulantly jumped at such miscalculated palliative yesterday are today weeping uncontrollably to have either lost a limp or lost the motorcycles.   These are the people best captured by Sam Omatseye as “doing no charity except for the vanity of their image”.
You can see reasons why all eyes are  on Engr Seyi Makinde today as he provides bursary award  for over 2,500 indigent students drawn from various institutions  of learning in Nigeria in a transparent process of selection.
The chairman of the event,  a man of erudition  and a professor  who finds happiness in making other professors, Taoheed Adedoja was apt in his description of education as “PVC for life”.
Waxing  philosophical, the Prof said “the PVC will allow you to vote in 2019, it cannot empower you for life,  therefore,  self development and the future of Nigeria lies in education”.  He added that “it is not your fault to be born poor, but it will be your fault to die poor”.  The man of letter and other dignitaries at the event pointed at education as the “secret behind their success ” and extol the brain behind the bursary  award  scheme which started in 2006, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde for “supporting people on how to bake unlike others who revel in sharing loaves of bread, which in no time become crusty.  “.
It’s another slam dunk for the man who I love to call the “genuine article “. 
God bless .
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