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Historically, Oyo state is the political headquarters of Southwest politics, and even Nigeria as a whole. In the course of playing the practical nature of the headquarters politics, we are blessed with three elements that make politics a connect, of course, they are interplay some time: Power, Wealth & Wisdom.

By the virtue of how the Supreme Being want it, Oyo State have lost two of the actors playing some of the elements in recent time; Power & Wealth, while Wisdom is still much active.

A reflect from the last election, that could have make the ruling party ruling party not to lose its seat in Oyo State as they did if the key actor of ‘Power’ in Oyo State was still much alive and also, if the Chief ‘Wealth’ Officer was still available to control the flow of the political wealth. Its might have been a great influence on the election day.

With the absence of these two key elements actor, the one remain active in the three element is ‘WISDOM’, and couldn’t play it role much as expected or at large but was able to protects and secure its territory (home) from the invaders and was able to elevate the state logically.

In apportioning those elements to the deserved actors, Oyo State had;
Power – Late Pa. Lamidi Adedibu,
Wealth – Late Aare Arisekola Alao,

Still active & existing;
WISDOM – H.I.M. Alaafin Oyo

After the ruling party lose the governorship seat with all state honourables in all zones of the state excluding Òyó zone which delivers all her honourables.

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To show the superability of WISDOM, the only remaining and active political element, through the real son of the soil and a prince of the protected territory (Hon. Prince Adeyemi Akeem), Oyo State becomes the coordinating state of all states in southwest Nigeria to support and produce the best Speaker for the NextLevel Nigeria parliament, for our dear nation continuous development.

Hon. Prince Adeyemi Akeem
(Southwest Coordinator, Femi Gbajabiamila for Speaker).