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IT should be clearly put, and no mudslinging of the political cloud of Oyo State as the g

eneral election beckon, and that have become a gallery of premier transfer of paperweight politicians and as well, heavyweight are not left out of the window shopping.

BUT, which side should the poor masses toe from the order available on their table?

SHOULD they ARISE to the task of real governance fully by making a big deal with the electorates for an effective administration as they preach it for them?

SHOULD they PROGRESS with the transformation template live on their table, with record breaking achievements of the incumbent that place the state in a tower hill of honour among her counterparts in the country?

SHOULD they POWER the state to start functioning as desired by them and then empower themselves through the power residing in them?

Opinions are already been formed here and there for people’s consumption and digestion to choose from being ARISE or PROGRESS or POWER.

I ask here again WHICH WAY?

Akintunde Yusuf Akinloye

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