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For those who are not in the knowing, Oyo state health sector has been paralyzed for some weeks ago.

This situation has resulted to undue hardship and inconvenience on the part of many citizens of the state whose families and loved ones are currently battling with one health issues or the other.

As revealed, Doctors, under the aegis of Association of Medical and Dental Officers of Oyo State (AMDO) have been on indefinite strike action since May 18, 2023 due to the failure of the State Government to meet their persisting demands of over 3 years.

Their demands are said to be;

1. Employment of more doctors to complement the overworked members of the association working in various Government hospitals.

2. Payment of at least 75% of call duty allowance to doctors in administration.

3. Conducive work environment for members in terms of improved infrastructures and provision of adequate administrative materials.

4. Implementation of Skipping to Members.

5. Payment of Responsibility allowance to members taking up special duties (usually grade level 15 and above) and those heading different hospitals in the state.

It is imperative to note that the “Skipping”, a segment of the 2014 adjusted CONMESS was approved 3 years ago but was tactically removed in a discriminatory manner from those working under Oyo state Hospital Management Board and retained for doctors in LAUTECH Teaching hospital under same Oyo State Government.

The payment of Skipping to members is being done by the Federal Government since 2014, the same way it is in some neighboring states such as Osun, Ogun, and Lagos.

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Also, payment of Responsibility allowance to members are also being taken with utmost concern by neighboring states under different nomenclature.

The effect of this negligence by the State Government is telling on the citizens of the
State seeking medical attention.

The unavailability of medical services of these Doctors have left many patients and their relatives stranded and beleaguered, their health challenges is forcing them to pay exorbitant medical charges in private hospitals.

In a visit made recently by a correspondence of Galaxy TV and Nigeria tribune, it clearly revealed how the state health sector has been in a comatose state with little or no activities going on and this has affected not only the patients and their relatives but also students undergoing different trainings in various medical facilities. and this could lead to churning out of half-baked medical personnels.

However, The Association of Medical and Dental Officers in the State are making sacrifices of attending to emergency patients on daily basis for the interest of the masses.

It is worthy of note that despite the partial strike AMDO mobilized her members for the success of the ongoing free health initiative of the executive governor.

In the same vein, health workers under the aegis of Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) Oyo State Hospitals Management Board chapter are also on a total strike paralyzing activity in the State Hospitals.

For health is wealth, it is economically discouraging and undeserving of the citizens of the State to witness such pains for weeks without appropriate intervention from the State Government.