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THE NINTH Assembly leadership game have started in full throttle. It’s already raising a lots of dust that is yet to settle and clear the fog blocking visibility of many political pundits who may be palavered into misreading the game. One thing is however clear and clean as a glass, beyond the sabre rattling and brazen faced arrogance of the leadership and top echelons in APC and PDP,  the game will be determined and dusted by the lawmakers themselves albeit the power blocks would try to head hunt and route for their own favourites, effect will surely be minimal.

AS HARROLD Laswel put, politics is a game of influence , ‘Who gets what, when and how’.  What is however befuddling, even to the political analysts is the question on why attention is shifting from who gets the Senate President seat in this Ninth Assembly leadership game to who clinches  the DEPUTY SENATE PRESIDENT.

WHO CONTROLS the ring? Sen. Teslim Kolawole Folarin of APC and Senator representing  Oyo Central Senatorial District and Sen. Oluremi Tinubu of Lagos Central Senatorial District are the two prominent name that keeps ringing the doorbell of every South Westerners. The duo, according to political analysts, are very much qualified for that exalted position. While Sen. Remi Tinubu will play her game alongside the strength of the highly referred APC National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and who happens to be her husband, Sen. Folarin will be making use of his hatful political experience as the Senate Leader of the Sixth Assembly and as a former ECOWAS Parliamentarian. It’s too obvious for a new emphasis that TKF is  master strategist when it comes to power game and it’s appurtenances.

SEN.TESLIM Folarin, a perspicacious and astute politician is known for keeping people guessing what his next political moves will be. He is always on the card. He keeps a poker face in the game and will hide his Trump card until the final whistle is blown. In his weakness, many political watchers, admit, lies strength. Despite odds and obstacles that arrayed against him in the last election, he surprisingly shocked the bookmakers, by winning the game even under a party that not a few people considered as his  “uncharted territory” .

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THE PERTINENT question people are asking now is “will TKF deploy the same indomitable spirit and political sagacity to emerge as the next DSP in the Ninth Assembly or keep his strategies on hold to help others hold on to theirs? Time, as they say, will surely tell. But, in the meantime,  many people, including the lawmakers that know him well perceive TKF as a superior fighter who wins not by his heavy fists but by controlling the ring. Let’s watch how far he can go this time as the new game beckons.