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Past Nigerian presidents choose short term strategies that boost the economy and welfare of its citizens and make themselves look like heroes but fail to work for long term improvement. That is risking the populace disapproval like President Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is laying the foundation for a healthy growth of Nigeria and Nigerians over the longer haul.


Nigerians like people from any other country of the world in the past had faced various dilemmas in their lives. These dilemmas range from personal to economic, professional challenges to societal and the height of it is the political issues. 

Let us digest some of the dilemma Nigerians have been encountered in the past;


Economic Dilemmas: Many Nigerians face the dilemma of limited job opportunities and low wages, unemployment which can lead to financial instability. They may have to make difficult choices about prioritizing basic needs, education, or saving for the future which leads to many criminalities attempts and unstable lifestyles. Here, social security is in trouble.


Another one faced by Nigerians is Corruption and Bad Governance, Nigeria has been grappling with corruption and governance issues for many years. Nigerians often face the dilemma of whether to participate in corrupt practices to get things done or to take a stand against corruption, even if it means facing obstacles or backlash.


Also, another issue facing is Security Concerns. Nigeria has faced security challenges in the time past, such as terrorism, insurgency, and communal conflicts. Nigerians are facing dilemmas about personal safety, deciding whether to stay in their communities or relocate to safer areas.

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In addition, Ethnic and Religious Tensions are another critical challenge Nigerians are facing. Nigeria is a diverse country with multi-ethnic and religious groups. Nigerians sometimes in the past faced dilemmas related to identity, loyalty, and peaceful coexistence. They may have to navigate between their own ethnic or religious affiliations and the need for unity and harmony in the country.


Brain drain is another challenge. Nigeria experiences a significant brain drain, with many skilled professionals leaving the country in search of better opportunities abroad. Nigerians face the dilemma of whether to stay and contribute to the development of their country or seek better prospects elsewhere.


In the face of these dilemmas, many past leaders have tried to provide short term solutions. They often demonstrated unstable and unrealistic solutions to many of these dilemmas, they gave a solution that didn’t last long for total resolution for many of those challenges. Despite the worsening attitude of Nigeria’s leaders, most Nigerians have demonstrated resourcefulness and a strong sense of patriotism. They come together to find solutions, support one another, and work towards a better future.


Presently, the movement of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s led-administration has been identified as providing long term solutions to many of the dilemmas facing the country which then require us all to bear the short term imbalance so as to gain the long term gains that is on the way.


President Bola Tinubu needs nothing other than our total support and commitment to be able to excel in this journey of redemption we are all in.

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Bolaji Paul Gbengbeleku is my name. I am from Ona-Ara State Constituency.