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The federal Minister of Power, Chief Adebayo Adelabu has congratulated Nigerians on the occasion of 63rd Independence Day.


Adelabu in his Independence Day message urged political leaders to reflect on the sacrifices of Nigeria’s founding fathers to get the country free of colonialism we are enjoying today.


His message, “Today, we celebrate the remarkable journey of our great nation, Nigeria. Let us reflect on the sacrifices of our founding fathers and the resilience of our people in the pursuit of freedom and self-determination.”


“On this special occasion, let’s remember the struggles and triumphs that have shaped our nation. We honor the visionaries who tirelessly fought for Nigeria’s independence, paving the way for a brighter future.”


“Nigeria is a land of rich cultural heritage, diversity, and immense potential. Let’s embrace our diversity as a source of strength, unity, and progress. Together, we can build a nation where every citizen has equal opportunities, justice prevails, and peace reigns.”


“On this Independence Day, let’s renew our commitment to the values that define us as Nigerians: resilience, resourcefulness, and community spirit. Together, we can overcome challenges and achieve our collective aspirations.”


“As we celebrate our 63rd independence, let’s also remember our responsibility as citizens. We must strive to build a Nigeria free from corruption, inequality, and injustice. Let’s empower our youth, invest in education, and create an environment where innovation and entrepreneurship thrive.”


“Today, we salute the men and women who’ve contributed to our nation’s growth and development. We celebrate our vibrant culture, achievements in various fields, and the unwavering spirit of Nigerians, both at home and abroad.”

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“Happy Independence Day, Nigeria! May the years ahead be filled with progress, unity, and prosperity. Together, let’s continue striving for a Nigeria that we can all be proud to call home.”


Happy Independence Day!
God bless Nigeria!

Adebay A. Adelabu OFR, FCA, FCIB
Minister of Power
Federal Republic of Nigeria