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I have been around for a while and also as a student of history, with no ambiguity, history according to philosophers has a way of repeating itself.
It is the record of the past especially in the context of the progress of the human race. We can look at the different eras and see how the acts, events, ideas, and characters of the past have shaped who we are today. We can also see how history, whether by accident or otherwise, has repeated itself.
Back to the subject matter, the new-found rush for appointment by some Yoruba professionals, especially Lagosians in Abuja has now become a banana peel, which must be profoundly threaded with caution.
If not well, the after-effect of it is always disastrous and utterly regrettable.
Remember the brilliant minds like Dr. Mrs. Olanike Grange, the king of boys, and Mr. Tunde Fowler.
They all came to the center with brilliant CVs and ended up being a guest of law enforcement agents.
Tunde Fowler will regret his appointment in Abuja likewise Dr Nike Range will curse the day she accepted to serve in Obasanjo’s government.
Iyabo Obasanjo was arrested and detained by law enforcement agents immediately after her father left office. Last week, Former President Jonathan’s godson was jailed in Abuja for two years.
President Tinubu will not be President forever and the owner of Abuja who is standing in one corner watching now will go after all of you and this should call for genuine introspection.
Mark my words, many of you who are doing fantastically well in your states now will regret ever coming to the center.
I have a word for the former Lagos state deputy governor, Princess Adejoke Orelope Adefulire, to leave the stage when the ovation is loudest.
You were a former deputy governor, 8 years SSA to the President on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) now being nominated for the third term that will make you the longest-serving SSA to the President of SDGs.
I understand that the budget of SDGs is in billions of United States dollars, but spending a whopping 12 years in a particular political office is dangerous and could be greeted with lots of vile and vituperative criticisms. There is one proverb from my state, that says ‘Ikun nje ogede, o nredi monle, se ko mon pe ohun to dun lo npa ni?’ Here is the literary meaning; a squarely eating a banana and enjoying it, without knowing what is sweet can be poisonous.
Our nation has been moved topsy-turvy in the past, thankfully we now have a new Sheriff in town to ignite renewed hope in the interest of all. I strongly advise that institutions should hold sway and complement the great initiatives and policies President Bola Ahmed Tinubu will be bringing on board. Persons come and go but institutions remain. So there’s a need to strengthen the institutions to foster prosperity and progress.
It’s always good to learn from other people’s experiences, may the soul of Yeye Kemi Nelson continue to rest in peace, amen.
My advice to all my brothers and sisters coming to Abuja for the appointment is to look before they leap.
Abuja is not Lagos and there is always a payback when your benefactor leaves the office.
I wish all of you success in your newfound appointment and may Allah not let it be what will end your career in life.
Thank you all and welcome to Abuja.
Mogaji Wole Arisekola writes from Ibadan.
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