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I have written severally about how the Yoruba nation is today suffering a neglect of immense proportion. Worsened by its traditional and historical nature to be Babelian even on matters that will change its lot for the better, outsiders, most especially the Hausa Fulani, have always derided the nation. You will need to hear what Chief Obafemi Awolowo said of the race. 
According to him, it was a fractitious group that took pride in fighting one another. Today, that tendency to dissent, has been the bane of its growth. While Yoruba people are still bickering on how to tidy their house, the North is already building blocks for the attainment of a straight third term in office in 2023.
It is against this backcloth that you will appreciate the news of the decision late last week to elect foremost Professor of History, Professor Banji Akintoye as the Leader of the race by the Assembly of All Yoruba Groups Worldwide. Prof Akintoye, was one of those Awolowo trusted enough to send to the Senate  in 1983 and was said to have been elected based on his antecedents and contributions to the development of the Yoruba race.
The race has suffered terribly in the hands of those who do not want it to unite. The unity of the Yoruba race is a terrible blow on the hegemonists who rely on its disunity as a cannon-fodder to incinerate the Nigerian state. They always have brilliant and enterprising anvils with which they carry out their agenda. A politician cannot fit the bill. A giant of Akintoye’s hue, who schooled in the Awo School of Politics, is the race’s best bet.
The task for Akintoye is akin to that which Awolowo embarked upon in the 1940s. Having discovered this tendency to self-destruct, he set out to forge a race that is one of the most powerful in history, united by a pedigree of values and valour. Unfortunately, that pedigree has meshed into nothingness. Yoruba are among the greatest fraudsters, traitors and every imaginable vice on parade today. Akintoye will need to return lost confidence of the race in itself and remind it of the imperishable wisdom in the maxim,atelewo eni kii tanni je. Once the Yoruba regain their sense of pride, confronting their attackers with mental strength would be a foregone conclusion. Congratulations to the new Yoruba leader. May the Owners of this Land, (the Alale Ile yi) support you.
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